Our 5 greenest Spas in Germany

Last week we posted about an „out of winter and into spring“ spa break at the Hotel Zum Kurfürsten and it inspired me to put together a shortlist for you of five of our Green Pearls sustainable spas in Germany. You’re welcome!

1) Tannerhof, Bayrischzell

The Tannerhof calls for time out and slowing down. This sustainable hotel is the perfect place for a week (or more!) of detoxing. Interesting seminars and workshops are regularly offered, such as the „Slow Down Seminar“ offered by Michaela Doepke on April 30th. Alternatively, simply enjoy the spa packages including natural cosmetics, a bathhouse and many relaxing treatments as well as yoga.

2) Nature Resort Schindelbruch, Südharz

This spa oasis has recently been awarded 5 Stars by the German quality assurance organization Wellness-Stars. And it’s not hard to see why: wouldn’t you want to let go of it all in relaxation rooms called „Forest Snuggle“, „Treetop Nest“, „Moss Bed“ and „Moon Clearing“? Check out here what a „Rasul“ is and enjoy the fabulous sauna village and Kneipp tread basin. This hotel is not only quite literally close to nature, it is even carbon neutral!

3) Spa Hotel Zum Kurfürsten, Bernkastel-Kues

It’s in the name: come here to relax and rejuvenate along the beautiful river Moselle. All spa treatments are centered around traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Moreover, you can book a consultation with a qualified TCM practitioner and have a treatment plan designed according to your personal needs. We love this wholesome approach. The spa itself is pretty special too, with a rock cave, a rainforest shower, panoramic pool and of course several saunas and steam rooms.

4) Hotel Speicher, Schwerin

This hotel by the Ziegelsee in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is truly a special place: it used to be a granary many years ago, and has been lovingly renovated with a strong commitment to sustainability, and turned into a stylish luxury hotel, complete with a beautiful spa. Train for your rowing boat excursion on the lake with the hotel gym’s aqua rowing machine, and make sure you don’t miss the Hot-Chocolate treatment offered at the spa!

5) Mountainhotel Rehlegg, Berchtesgaden National Park

The „Almwies’n Spa“ (German for mountain meadow spa) boasts a real herbal fairy, qualified herb specialist Doris Hasenknopf. She crafts natural and organic beauty products for spa treatments from herbs she collects in the meadows around the hotel and in the alpine national park nearby. The Mountainhotel Rehlegg is a sustainable hotel that is in constant dialogue with its natural surroundings. The perfectly natural place to relax.

Now there’s only one thing to do: choose one and relax!