Put a spring in your step at the Hotel Zum Kurfürsten in Germany

Spring is finally here! Birds are chirping happily, the sun is warm and the first daffodils are peaking through the softened ground. I feel like I’ve just woken up from deep hibernation. To celebrate the arrival of spring I am going to treat myself to an “Out of Winter and Into Spring” spa weekend. And I know just the perfect place: our green pearl Hotel Zum Kurfürsten in Germany. Here is why:

1) Try saying „Bernkastel-Kues“:

A tongue twister? Maybe. But what a beautiful small town by the river Moselle! Enjoy the historic buildings of the old town while sitting in the sun in one of the local al fresco cafes. Or take a romantic walk along the Moselle and grab an extra dose of spring by marveling at the many flowers and the gorgeous landscape.

2) Because it is a “Vitality and Wellness” hotel:

A spa hotel is great but a vitality and wellness hotel is better. The Kurfürsten hotel not only offers a divers range of saunas, herbal steam rooms, pools and Jacuzzis, it also offers TCM, traditional Chinese medicine. You can either consult with a qualified practitioner for a detailed treatment plan, or benefit from the many TCM adapted spa offerings like massages and acupuncture. This is an approach that treats the whole person as opposed to just symptoms. You’ll feel wholesomely great afterwards.

3) The 5-Elements Menu:

The philosophy of Chinese medicine stretches all the way into the kitchen. Healthy meals and snacks are offered in a variety of settings, for example by the soaring fireplace in the main restaurant, or the sun filled conservatory restaurant. Or maybe you prefer a more informal eatery like the Summer Lounge or the Wellness-Bistro? The choice is yours. I love that the menu is limited every day by a choice of five items, sourced and purchased freshly according to the season.

4) Water!

Water is the omnipresent element around here, not just because of the beautiful Moselle river but also because of the many spa offerings: a panorama pool in the loft space, an outdoor pool open all year round, a bath house with loungers to relax, a Jacuzzi, and a „rock cave“ with a private whirl pool. Dive in!


5) Because naturally, the Kurfürsten is a sustainable hotel:

Efficient heat insulation has led to drastic reductions in energy consumption since the hotel renovation in 2010. Air ventilators regulate the indoor temperature and a state oft he art pool water cleaning system allows for cleaning without using strong chemicals. All waste is separated and recycled where possible. The wood used to heat the sauna comes from a local forest where it is sustainably reforested. Generally only produce from local producers is being used. A true green pearl.

Happy Green Spring to you all!