Regional is the new Global

Are you paying more and more attention to where your fruits and vegetables come from and under which conditions the dairy- and meat products are produced? Do you buy – for the environment’s sake – local food instead of global ingredients? You are not alone! Even discounters have changed the assortment according to the increasing demand.

But what’s the situation like during holidays? When traveling, everyone likes to indulge with something special, not always researching about the origins of the used products. Often, hoteliers and restaurant owners still offer international cuisine from worldwide imported ingredients, to ensure no guest desire is left unfulfilled. Green Pearls® Unique Places presents nice examples that showcase how culinary highlights can and should be regional. It is the only way to completely indulge in the respective country and give something back it its inhabitants.

Sustainable island cuisine, fair traded 


In Indonesia, at the unspoilt island Batbitim, the romantic Misool Eco Resort demonstrates how to cook regionally on an island. The diving resort serves food and herbs in organic quality – from the resort’s garden directly to the local ingredients. The menue card contains mainly local ingredients. There are no endangered Reef fishes and prawns offered, while the fish is sustainably caught outside of the No-Take-Zone. As you eat with your eye as well, the food is nicely presented on natural materials such as lava stone, mango wood or banana leaves. At Misool Eco Resort, “Fair Trade“ means to accept the trade conditions of the vendor. Fresh fish might be traded for one kilo sugar, a bundle of bananas exchanged for one package coffee or green veggies for the lending of tools.

International recipes, interpreted regionally


At the popular holiday paradise on the Timmendorfer Strand, the family Muller at the SAND Lifestylehotel puts focus on regional consumption, the protection of the environment and local culture. This implies the offering of local and seasonal products, such as regional meat from species appropriate keeping, ice cream from Schleswig Holstein, asparagus from Northern Germany, Backenholzer organic cheese, wine from the neighbors vineyard Sander and fresh fish from sustainable fishing. Chef Mirko Stäudel values the regional cuisine as well as local specialities, and interpretes international recipes in an innovative way with regional ingredients. To know what you eat, with a good conscience – this is the motto at the SAND lifestyle hotel.

Organic beef, agriculture and Gourmet cuisine


At the Biohotel Mohren, the organic beef comes from its own Aberdeen breeding to the table.

The own farm uses resources and cultivates the organic land and forest to deliver towards the hotel and restaurant. One hectare of vegetable cultivation, 14 hectares of grain, 20 hectares of forest, 35 hectares of meadow areas, 100 trees of organic fruit orchards and 45 cattles are managed at the biohotel. Thanks to an active network of local organic producers, fresh bread, salad, eggs, chicken and cheese are delivered. The renowned Gault Millau awarded the cuisine with 14 points for culinary delights such as oven pumpkin with ahorn sirup, pumpkin oil & salad, rice with quinoa, grilled vegetables, Thai curry & pear ahorn sirup chutney or juice braises beef meat (12 hours stewed) with beef jus, mashed potatoes, mushrooms & homemade ‘Spätzle’. Mouthwatering!!

Only those, who enjoy stay in a good mood


Only those, who enjoy stay in a good mood – this is the motto at Genießerhotel Die Forelle. Chef Hannes loves honest and regional cuisine and takes the pulse of his suppliers. Tasty Weißensee fish from Martin Müller just around the corner, or the mouth melting sheep cheese from Seppi Nuart – Suppliers have to share his local values. There is no room for speed at the kitchen of Genießerhotel Die Forelle. With fresh natural and refined creations, the 4 star hotel has made a mark. The work is shared by all generations: Grandma Erika, surrounded by her grand children Hanna, Moritz and Lorenz, cultivates the herbal garden and takes the freshly baked bread out of the oven daily

Cuchina à la mamma!


The main building of the Relais del Maro dates back from the 19th century and is the central building for restaurant. Here, guests enjoy the divine breakfast, that is prepared by Elena with love and exclusively with Ligurian products. Next to honey and goat cheese, also oven warm Foccacia or „Castagnaccio“ – a cake made from chestnuts – can be found at the table. For dinner, also the world famous pesto – a cream made from Liguarian basil, olive oil, pine nuts, garlic and grinded parmesan – is not to be missed. At Relais del Maro, one is proud of the selected ingredients from the region: The short distance to the sea donates sea food such as crabs & Craw fish, mussels and calamari, sardines and anchovy. The culinary Italian wisdom is happily passed on to the guests during cooking classes. Try it out!