Sustainable and trendy? Discover Thailand with HiveSters

Maybe you are not aware, that Thailand is going to promote and focus on local tourism products that are far away from mass tourism. This is the future! A lot of young people start their own businesses and have a deep understanding of healthy tourism, which includes protection of ancient culture, protection of the communities and of course protection of the environment.

Supporting local communities is making them shine!


How this works? A very good example are the sisters Achi and Mint. The co-founders of HiveSters were born into a traditional family travel business, so the urge to travel and explore are anyway in their veins. When coming to Thailand, their international friends have always asked the sisters for authentic recommendations regarding local off-the-beaten-track activities. So the business model was simply logical.

“Our mission is to share real Thai travel experiences and make a sustainable impact in Thailand tourism industry. We truly believe that sustainable activities can be real fun!” says Achi. “We are the next generation and we want to create a sustainable change in Thailand’s tourism industry. It’s our DNA and we integrate that in everything we do here at HiveSters. We want to create direct impacts to the locals and help promote sustainable travel activities.”

The team is working directly with local communities, social enterprises and individuals to create and promote their sustainable activities. The aim is to increase the locals’ income and livelihood, preserve the disappearing cultural heritage and environment, and create positive social changes. The project represents the authentic Thai experiences in a sustainable and trendy way.

Activities for every interest


A great example is the “Discover Nang Leong hidden neighbourhood” tour in Bangkok, which we fell in love with. It is all about performance art and food cultures. It is just like a wonderful journey into a former time with open minded locals, showcasing their traditions and practicing storytelling at its best. The beautiful origin of this activity is heart touching. The highlights definitely are the food (yummy Thai desserts that Grandma is baking since ages) and the Thai dance lesson with auntie!

When you join the “Herb it up” experience in Chiang Mai, you learn how to clean your body with local, traditional herbs and free your mind with the slow paced living. The two day package is all about learning the wisdom of local herbs that has been passed on for several generations. You pick up herbs and make a massage compress and enjoy a traditional herbal sauna. Other activities include original Thai Cooking class with herbs or a Hot Thai massage.


Surrounded by mountains, in a rice field in the beautiful area of Pai, you can join an original Thai Boxing class. Whether a beginner or an experienced fighter, what a fun this is! After the session there is a possibility to join the Thai trainers teaching young kids from the local community in boxing. This activity is to keep the youngsters fit and healthy without letting them paying money for it! So it is also about supporting next generations.


In Chiang Mai, one can try out being an organic farmer for three days. The beautiful land of Chiang Dao is breathtaking and the ideal place to learn about nature and especially farming. Run by passionate farmers, we have learned tips and tricks regarding organic knowledge. Depending on the season, there are different challenges from rice seeding and planting to waste management, and how to harvest your produce from the garden.  After these days, you have a different view about consumption, this is for sure!