Sustainable by tradition: Hotel Lamm at the Black Forest

Over 200 years ago at the heart of the Black Forest, starts the tradition-steeped history of the Hotel Lamm Mitteltal. Located in midst greenery, the hotel has always been connected closely to nature. Early on, the community Baiersbronn became well known as a health resort and place for winter sports. Hotel Lamm is a popular starting point for beautiful hikes into the surrounding heights. Through generations, the property has changed a lot, the philosophy stayed the same.

© Hotel Lamm

The story of today’s selfness hotel starts as a little brewery including beer serving and distillery, which could be found at this very spot. A lot has changed since then, other things have been passed on from the old times and traditions. The name “Lamm” and some architectural components have survived until today and make Hotel Lamm Mitteltal a real traditional place.

© Hotel Lamm
© Baiersbronn Touristik

In 1926, Katharina Klumpp took over the brewery and converted it to a hotel business. Ever since, the Hotel Lamm Mitteltal is owned by the family. From 1952, Katharina’s son Ernst and his wife Gertrud welcomed guests at the hotel, replaced by their son Ernst Klumpp Junior, who manages the hotel since 1976. Today, host Katrin Holl welcomes guest with a warm smile.
After the first reconstruction in 1956, the main house was complemented by a guest house in 1976. The guest house is designed in a romantic country house style, while the main house delights with a special flair that is typical for the Black Forest region. Hotel Lamm offers an all round traditional and regional authentic ambience.

© Hotel Lamm

Still today, the family Klumpp/Holl ensures that tradition and sustainability is maintained during renewals and additions in the house. Upcycling is the keyword! The old traditional architecture and materials are maintained and complemented with modern elements. The bars and other architectural elements are original parts from the original building that were adjusted to today’s design. Partly, style elements such as lamps or chairs have been re-furbished and shine like new. In midst beautiful forest nature, Hotel Lamm is designed naturally to the greatest possible extent with natural materials like wood.

© Hotel Lamm

The unique Black Forest Bathhouse together with Log Cabin sauna and salt hut completed the authentic experience at Hotel Lamm’s paradise of wellbeing in 2003. The Bathhouse gives guests an understanding of the Black Forest Bathing culture in an authentic way. Getting spoilt with regional nature cosmetics and experiencing purification and relaxation in traditional bath tubs – simply heavenly!

© Hotel Lamm

Also at the “paradise of wellbeing” native wood and natural materials have been used and attention was paid to integrate the houses into nature’s  scenery in the best possible way.

© Hotel Lamm

Also when it comes to energy and heat generation, the family business counts on sustainability. The hotel is built in an energieeffizient way and is provided by two thermal power stations and a photovoltaic system on the roof. Also an energy optimization system to control energy demand exists. The premium pellets for the log cabin sauna are environmental-friendly and with newest technical standards produced from 100% native softwood. The fireplace is fired with own birch wood.

© Hotel Lamm
© Hotel Lamm

In 1983 and 1992, the modernization of the kitchen and restaurant took place. Ever since, you can find saisonal and regional focus at Lamm’s kitchen. Around 80 per cent of products are received from farmers and suppliers from immediate region. Dairy products, meat, fish, vegetables and marmelades get fresh onto the table.

Resulting from the traditionally sustainable focus, the nature hotel Lamm has positioned itself as selfness hotel and can be considered a pioneer in this field. Hotel Lamm stands for harmonic and relaxing body and soul pleasures. Over centuries, guests have valued the balance between luxury, cosiness and sustainability. I would say: Keep up the good work and may there be many sustainable years to come at selfness hotel Lamm in Mitteltal!