Sustainable by tradition: The renewable hotel room

Creativhotel Luise in Erlangen, Germany can be considered a pioneer of the sustainable hotel business. Ever since 1956, the hotel is managed – by tradition and conviction – according to eco-friendly guidelines. Today’s third generation around manager Ben Förtsch are aware of their responsibility for the future and further develop the green tradition of the hotel. In a creative way, measurements for more efficiency, sustainability and climate neutrality have been established.


Climate neutral according to Cradle-to-Cradle® Principle 


Thanks to an holistic approach according to the Cradle-to-Cradle® principle, Creativhotel became one of Germany’s most environmental-friendly city hotels. The hotel enthuses with a climate-neutral CO2 footprint, furniture made of regional solid wood and wallpapers made of recycling paper. New concepts complete the sustainable experience, most recently guests of Creativhotel Luise can sleep in the “renewable hotel room”. Would you know what to expect?


The renewable hotel room  

Wood, Straw and natural rubber 


Basically, the renewable room is built with structural panels from compromised untreated straw and recycling cards, while the room ceiling is made of Oriented Structural Straw Boards. Through upcycling, reduced CO2 emissions due to the avoidance of straw combustion, protection of timber, as well as higher incomes for local farmers, OSSBs are an environmental-friendly and socially responsible product.

In the room itself, the focus is on metal-free timber construction, instead plug connections and eco-friendly glue are the magic words. The overlapping structure of the carpet reminds of a tree bark. Using an Ecotrust felt made of recycled water bottles, the material cycle is closed. Furthermore, a tiling system reduces waste. At the walls you can find non-toxic silicate paint, which regulates humidity between wall surface and room air, thus avoids condensation of humidity.



You will go to sleep in this sustainable surrounding on comfortable mattresses by Coco-Mat, consisting of natural materials like natural rubber, coconut fibers and seaweed.

Next to the focus on eco-friendliness, the renewable hotel room has a high design demand and takes the guest requirements into account. This suggests that sustainability has nothing to do with renunciation, but with an added value and progress.


Renewably green 


That you can find real plants in a hotel room is rather rare. In the renewable or re-growing hotel room, the name says it all: here grows some greenery to purify the air and make the room more lively. Where one would expect pictures, the walls are decorated with nature arts made of dried plants or natural materials. The ecologically sustainable production free of biocides and solvents produces the unique appearance with the pure scent, natural haptics and impressive optics.


Intelligent efficient


An intelligent heater saves around 33% of heating energy. Through an interconnection of the heater with the booking system of the hotel, the temperature of the room is automatically adjusted according to weather and occupancy. Specifically efficient heat recovery units are installed in the bathroom. Also the intelligent lighting system with LED lamps for light regulation supports energy conservation.

A real highlight: showering like an astronaut! As Germany’s first hotel room, the renewable hotel room enthuses with a shower technology, which was initially developed for the mars mission by NASA. Orbital Systems’ patented water recycling technology saves over 90 per cent water and up to 80 per cent energy compared to conventional showers.

Try out this unique sustainable living experience!