Vegan in Daily Life and on Vacation?

The continuous trend of living a vegan lifestyle has gotten an update: Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital have found out that you can live longer on a vegan diet. They discovered a correlation between eating less meat and living longer. For many being vegan is now a way of life. But can you keep up that lifestyle on vacation? Especially when the ingredients are not clearly labeled, such as at a hotel’s restaurant. This can make a vegan’s life difficult. Culinary experiments are an integral part of traveling to foreign countries, thus it is important that vegans can also partake and explore food choices. Here are some holiday spots perfect for vegans.

Visit the Paradies of Flavor

It can be quite challenging to live a vegan lifestyle in a country that loves diary products as much as India does. Dairy is an important part of the Indian diet, therefore it comes as no surprise that India produces more milk than any other country in the world. India is jumping on the vegan bandwagon slowly since tourism is rising and many travelers want to see more vegan options on the menus. As a foodie you should try your luck at Spice Village where the buffet offers several vegan choices, the kitchen uses fresh vegetables from the hotel’s own certified organic garden, and you’re introduced to the secrets of Kerala’s local kitchen in different cooking courses. Definitely try the Okra Stew – it’s absolutely delicious and will illustrate the typical Indian art of cooking with spices beautifully.

Sri Lanka = Vegan Made Easy

Flavor variety, fiery curries, healthy Ayurvedic food, and natural ingredients are the staples of Sri Lankan cuisine. The plethora of exotic fruits and vegetables will make your vegan vacation to Sri Lanka unproblematic. Guests at Amaya Lake love the freshness of the kitchen, because most of the vegan ingredients are cultivated in the hotel’s own organic garden. Award-winning chefs will serve you international cuisine fused with authentic and natural Sri Lankan dishes. The delicious flavors are unsurpassed. Don’t miss the vegan vegetable curry – it’s out of this world!

Culinary Variety in Thailand

In Thailand dairy products are rarely used in the preparation of meals. Avoiding eggs will be a bigger challenge, they are part of many of the traditional dishes, like fried noodles or rice. Since the demand for vegan options has risen as the vegan lifestyle continues to spread, many traditional Thai dishes are now offered without eggs. Experience a culinary journey of delicious, authentic, and fresh Thai cuisine at the two signature restaurants of the Zeavola Resort. The speciality at the beachfront restaurant, Tacada, is contemporary and fresh Mediterranean cuisine while Baxil serves guests authentic, flavorful, and local dishes. Especially tasty are the fresh fruit shakes made from ice and fruit, and Gang Kiew Waan Phan, a classic green curry with tofu, will amaze every vegan.

Heidi Digs Vegan

Even in the meat-centric Germany, veganism has become a trend. Specially marked products in grocery stores make buying vegan ingredients easy and an everyday occurrence. At least one vegan dish is now offered at most restaurants, as they feel obliged to follow the demand. Every guest at the HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa will be able to choose what they want to eat, thus making following a vegan diet easier. All dishes are prepared with regional and seasonal products, and guests can check a list of all the hotel’s suppliers. Before venturing into the vegan lifestyle the hotel started out by offering a LOGI (Low Glycemic and Insulinemic) diet to its guests. And what could complement a vegan diet better than a walk through the fresh alpine air and a visit to the wellness area!?