10 Tips for a Well-balanced Diet

Let us be honest – resolutions or not, it is not always that easy to pay attention to a well-balanced diet. While shopping for groceries, it is not made easy with all the signs that are confusing, or opinions vary what is actually the healthy product.

We say: it’s all in the mix! Of course, it is good to know, where the food on your plate actually comes from and which veggies are in season.

So that you can spend the day of a healthy diet (March 7th) with a good conscience – here are 10 short (link) tips, how you can keep a well-balanced diet! And trust me, it will be fun!

Knowing, where your food comes from and which ingredients are good for you. Discover and enjoy consciously.

1. Making the right decisions: local, seasonal, species-appropriate and consciousness are four important ingredients for a well-balanced diet.

2. Finding the right products: it is important to take a close look at all the different stickers and signs at the supermarket. Here you can find out, how to differ the “good” products from the bad.

3. Green, green, green: currently, all green produce is recognized as a power food. Filled with energy and good vitamins, you should start making these three green dishes immediately!

Quinoa is one of Peru’s superfoods and is also a main ingredient in the kitchens at Inkaterra.

4. Wanderlust, but no vacation in sight? With these recipes from our Peruvian friends at Inkaterra, you can magically create your own Peruvian food fest in your kitchen. The Peruvian kitchen is known for its superfoods, such as quinoa!

5. Animal testing in the food industry is unfortunately still an issue. Inform yourself in detail and then do not buy such products!

6. A big trend is also the so called super bowls – a big bowl packed with everything that is important. Check out our friend Michaela’s recipe for one Transglobalpanparty.

A small little herb garden with the important herbs is a great idea.

7. Whether on the balcony or in the back of your house – a small vegetable garden and/or herb garden is the perfect thing, when you want fresh ingredients without pesticides. Even in some hotels, there are herbs on the rooftop!

8. Grab the cooking spoons yourself: much too often, we eat out, but cooking can be so much fun! Invite some friends over and have a small kitchen party. This way, you completely decide what makes it onto your plate. Delicious recipes can be found here and at our friends from Flowers On My Plate and Subvoyage.

9. There are only benefits and it is easy to integrate: drink more water! Water gives the brain oxygen and refreshes. In our office, we all have a pretty glass carafe on our desks – always right in front of us and easy to refill.

10. The most important thing: consciousness! We are not saying that you have to go without something – but we just want you to be conscious about where, when and how you eat. Then conscious eating really is fun!

What do you do, to eat consciously?