3 Babymoon Destinations for Moms-to-be

The birth of the own child is one very special moment of life. But before life is turned upside down, the “babymoon” is becoming more and more popular.

A babymoon is a trip that mothers-to-be or even parents together take, in order to relax one more time. Wellness hotels are especially popular, as here future mothers and fathers can have some lazy days – the silence before the baby, so to speak!

Sustainable hotels are ideal for a babymoon, as they often lay a large focus on winding down and relaxation. Here, mothers can take some time for themselves and soon-to-be parents can enjoy the togetherness that will be rare soon.

So, all moms-to-be, future parents and babymoon planners: here are 3 magical places for a relaxing, baby-free time.

Hubertus babymoon
At HUBERTUS, future mothers and fathers receive their well-deserved time-off.

Babymoon Nr. 1 –  Radio silence in the Allgau: HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa

You simply want to shut off everything – cell phone, social networks, the mind – and enjoy? Then HUBERTUS in Balderschwang in southern Bavaria is the perfect place for your babymoon. Here, nearly-mothers can sit in huge swings and read, while the soon-to-be fathers can practice breaking a sweat in the wood-fired mountain sauna.

Next to great couple treatments, there are even two specially designed pregnancy treatments for future mothers that are lovingly named Mamamia and Bellybutton. These not only pay attention to the special body situation, but also support relaxation through natural herbs and oils.

Gradonna Chalet Babymoon
Enjoying togetherness in an own chalet at Gradonna Mountain Resort.

Babymoon Nr. 2 – Alpine Air for Oneself: Gradonna Mountain Resort

Take a deep breath one more time – this is done best with fresh, Alpine air. At Gradonna Mountain Resort , couples can get cozy at a fireplace in an own chalet and look onto the impressive mountain landscape. Swiss pine in the bedroom ensures a deep, relaxing sleep that you will certainly soon miss. In the Alpin Spa, well-being herbs are used, while pregnant women can wind down in the Emotion spa on warm, soft water beds.

Biohotel Mohren Spa
A feeling of being home: Das Biohotel Mohren

Babymoon Nr. 3 – Family Feelings: Biohotel Mohren

If you want to get used to the family feeling, then a babymoon at Biohotel Mohren is an excellent choice! Already upon arrival, you will sense the familiar atmosphere and feel right at home. The bio-hotel in the Lake Constance region offers much idyll and nature, which help to make you focus on yourself. Especially the food cravings are satisfied here – with 100% bio products! For a allover successful babymoon, the hotel offers a special wellness treatment, in which the skin is firmed, taken care of and strengthen with collagen fibers. Load your batteries, before you start your life as a threesome.