An allergy-free room? What is that?

In today’s world, everyone has an allergy. Many of my friends are lactose-intolerant, one is allergic to feathers and another one cannot eat peppers. And some, well, they have a combination of allergies.

When traveling, there is nothing more annoying than being pestered with allergies. All you want to do on vacation is relax, see the sights and get to know the culture. Especially in cities like Milan, you just want to enjoy the bustling city.

Being the first zero-emission hotel of Milan, Hotel Milano Scala is now also the first allergy free hotel in the Italian metropolis.

Hotel Milano Scala room
A room without allergies awaits you at Hotel Milano Scala.

But what actually is an allergy-free room?

First of all, the beds are clinically treated against allergens, while mattresses and pillows are covered with soft, certified anti-dust mite encasing. This is then wrapped in hypoallergenic quilts.

On a daily basis, all surfaces are cleaned with a special biocleaner system that sanitizes and gets rid of all the tiny particles. In these rooms, fresh air gets a whole new meaning: a sanitization system with active oxygen ensures natural air purification!

Allergy Free Hotels
Allergy Free Hotels supports hotels to have allergy-free rooms. (Photo: Allergy Free Hotels)

These guidelines have been developed by Allergy Free Hotels, the first project recognized by the major quality labels and medical certifications in Europe. This system has created a natural prophylaxis and ecological system that makes the elimination of microorganisms and allergens in hotel rooms possible! These include pollens, dust mites, mould, biological and chemical contaminants that are found in the air, bed, fabrics and all surfaces in the room.

Hotel Milano Scala Junior Suite
At Hotel Milano Scala, a whole floor is filled with allergy-free rooms.

Travel allergy-free with Hotel Milano Scala

Most importantly, in accordance with the sustainable philosophy of Hotel Milano Scala, Allergy Free Hotels is an eco-friendly product. It uses only natural substances (O3 and water).

This novelty adds up to the allergy-friendly philosophy of Hotel Milano Scala. For years, their glocal cuisine with gluten- and lactose-free options has been a big success! A huge highlight is their roof vegetable garden – chemical free and zero-food mile products!

So, next time you visit Milan: treat yourself to the pleasure of breathing without boundaries!