Sustainable Architecture is boring? No Way!

Did you ever think about, how the room you sleep in was built, when traveling sustainably?

Right in time for the “Day of Architecture” on June 25th and 26th, Green Pearls® introduces 10 green properties with diverse sustainable architectures, each of which has an interesting story to tell. 10 times sustainable architecture, 10 unique stories and 10 wow-effects!

1. Keemala, Thailand

Thailand’s Keemala Beyond Enchanting is a wonderland of architectural masterpieces. The architecture recreates a story about four fictional ancient Phuket tribes – the Earth, Wanderer, Sky, and Nest tribes. Made from environmental-friendly synthetic materials, the diverse villas were designed to blend in with the existing eco-system and monitored to reduce the impact on nature. A must-see!

Birdview from 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge
4 Rivers Floating Lodge is built in a way that if you would take it down, you would not see any trace at all.

2. 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Cambodia

An interesting story also stands behind the floating lodges of the Cambodian 4 Rivers. While the flooring was constructed with wood-plastic-composite from 100% recycled plastic, four layers of the roof ensure maximum ventilation and the missing permanent structures avoid imprints on the environment. The floating tents were solely built with man power and small hand tools – the outcome is astounding!

Misool Eco Resort Water Villa
The water villas at Misool Eco Resort invite to relax.

3. Misool Eco Resort, Indonesia

100% reclaimed tropical hardwoods, insulating ‘alang alang’ grass thatch and on-site crafted furniture is what you find at Misool Eco Resort in Indonesia. While deep patios and low roof lines prevent solar heat to enter the building, the pitched roofs enable natural ventilation. A sustainable architectural masterpiece!

Coconut Lagoon CGH Earth
The houses of CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon have 150 years of history.

4. CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon, India

The CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon fascinates with over 150 year old mansions, which were originally restored from ruinous county houses. As the old craft has slowly died out, it took some effort to locate the descendants of those very craftsmen, who originally created the houses. It took the devoted workers several years to patiently reestablish the fine-detailed woodwork of the mansions.

Hofgut Hafnerleiten architecture
Incomparable architecture can be found at Hofgut Hafnerleiten.

5. Hofgut Hafnerleiten, Germany

Passion and persistence pays off! At least when it comes to the unique themed houses at Hofgut Hafnerleiten. Although each house has their distinctive elements, they are combined by one architectural language. Thanks to facades decorated with climbing plants as well as mirroring glass, the environmentally compatible built houses blend in with nature.

Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee
Would you have thought that this once was a granary?

6. Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee, Germany

Also the architecture of Hotel Speicher Am Ziegelsee in Germany is something really special. The building is an old granary, which is protected as a historic monument. In 1998, the granary was elaborately restored under ecological guidelines into today’s sustainable hotel.

Green City Hotel Vauban
Sustainability from inside and out: Green City Hotel Vauban.

7. Green City Hotel Vauban, Germany

Ambitious, creative and sustainable! The Green City Hotel Vauban combines modern architecture with sustainable energy innovations. Wall-integrated water-carting capillary tube mats and efficient ventilation systems regulate the temperature in a sustainable way. The climbing plants at the facades do not only highlight the green approach of the hotel at a glance, but also insulate the building. Ambitioniert, kreativ und nachhaltig!

Hotel Milano Scala Facade
The building, in which Hotel Milano Scala is today, dates back to the 19th century.

8. Hotel Milano Scala, Italy

The historic building of Hotel Milano Scala originates from the 19th century. Thanks to the architect Luigi Marchetti, Hotel Milano Scala connects elegant historic elements with environmental-friendly design. On the roof terrace, a green herb and vegetable garden awaits the guests.

Bedenga Villa Puri Dajuma
At Puri Dajuma, the architecture resembles traditional Balinese culture.

9. Puri Dajuma, Indonesia

At Puri Dajuma in Indonesia, fans of Balinese architecture will find their happy place. The original design of the authentic villas combines comfort with Balinese tradition. With the double insulation in the roof, the outstanding architecture also supports the eco-friendliness of the resort.

Landgut Stober
Landmarked Landgut Stober is full of great stories.

10. Landgut Stober, Deutschland

In Brandenburg, the Schinkel architecture of the buildings at Landgut Stobers show traces of a long vivid history as a model agribusiness. During an expensive and sustainable old-building renovation of the listed architectures, the well-known brick architecture with decorative terra-cotta elements was sustained.