3 Places for Endless Relaxation

When the week was stressful, you haven’t had a vacation in ages or just to get out for a short time: everyone needs a place where one can relax. In the best case, you have this small peaceful oasis at home – but for those moments when that is simply not enough anymore, there are a couple of great destinations that ensure relaxation.

For the worldwide day of relaxation on August 15th, I have summed up 3 destinations for you that all guarantee endless relaxation. Here you can recharge your batteries, finally read that book that you have had on your nightstand for months or simply do nothing!

Badehaus-Baden im Zuber innen-Zubermenü essen-ohne Badehaube 1 Kopie
© Hotel Lamm

Bath Paradise

Bath fans rejoice: Hotel Lamm in the Black Forest is your personal paradise! Because here you will find a traditional Black Forest Bath House that is only waiting for you. Large bath pots are the highlight, in which you can bath alone or together with your favorite person. A Black Forest spruce needle bath offers a soothing, but also stimulates the blood flow with the spruce needle essence, while a romantic snuggling bath for two makes a co-relaxation and togetherness possible.

© Gloria Verde

Healing Experiences

Turkish baths and the traditional Turkish Hamam – wellness in Turkey go hand in hand. Like at Gloria Verde Resort: at Asklepion Spa & Thalasso, you can pick a treatment from a large wellness menu, whatever you need. A highlight is the ocean water, because the rehashed ocean water not only relaxes, but also cleanses. Gloria Verde Resort is also the ideal place, to regain the bodily balance that is regenerated with detox and energy programs.

Pavilions Himalayas Liegen am Pool
© The Pavilions Himalayas

Far-Eastern Tranquility

The Far-East is known for their yoga, meditation and Ayurveda – finding oneself again and concentrating on things that matter is thus very easy here. Surrounded by the Himalaya mountains, in midst of untouched nature is The Pavilions Himalaya, a true oasis for tranquility. Here, you can simply relax in the outdoor whirlpool, but also go into the yoga and meditation room for inspirational moments. Schooled therapists are happy to take care of you in the spa, where you can experience traditional Ayurvedic treatments. And if you ‘only’ gaze onto the nature around you and do nothing more – you will be relaxed!

Where is your personal relaxation place? Somewhere far, or near?