Babymoon at Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa

And then you lay there, 1044 meters over sea level, at a beautiful pool, holding a book in your hand and let the mind wander, the sun tickle your nose and listen to the cow bells that almost actually make you dose off in a meditative way.

Wait. Cows at the pool?

Yes, you read correctly. But of course, not directly at the pool…

Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa is in Balderschwang, a small town in the Allgau region, shortly in front of the Austrian border. Balderschwang is especially known for a winter sports region, because first and foremost lots of snow reaches it (the inhabitants themselves like to call it “Bavarian Siberia”).



Babymoon at Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa

But we are here in summer and for a good reason: we are awaiting a baby soon and wanted to spend one last vacation together beforehand. Completely in peace and quiet, away from all bustle and hustle. And since moms-to-be have deserved lots of relaxation, we were happy to follow Green Pearls’ invitation to a babymoon in Balderschwang.

The trip into the Allgau region is an own little adventure on its own and offers great landscape views and many possibilities to take a break or enter somewhere. Mountains, forests and valleys and many many green hills full of flowers framed our arrival.

Once we were in Balderschwang, we were surprised how remote and open the village appears. One can only imagine slightly, how life must have been here in the early days. Up into the 1950s, there was no real street and the few inhabitants were on their own, more or less.



Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa is not difficult to find, as it is right at the street that leads through the village and the valley.

What catches the eye first: the impressive wood built of the main building and the additions fit perfectly into the village and the surrounding landscape. Thereby, the hotel does not hide its long history, but undermines it through architecture. They are proud that this building has its roots in a cabin / lodge and offers a wonderful symbiosis between old and new.

Comfortable, but modern. And still like back then. Warm and inviting and feeling surrounding nature all over. Larch wood is the main material here, on the inside and outside. Felt, linen and furs, as well as nature stones and granite add to it.

When we entered the hotel, we felt in good hands right away.

Arrive and Feel Good

Whilst drinking a small refreshment in the foyer, or arrival is prepared, our luggage and car taken in. Then, we are introduced to our stay and get to know everything about the hotel and the region. What actually is really necessary, as especially for first-time visitors, the selection of activities and the offerings of Hubertus are very diverse.


The offers and including benefits are far more than what one describes as half-board in general. Among other things, it includes: the long sleeper’s breakfast with local organic products, Ayurvedic foods, lots of fruit and vegetable juices including a cooking station, at which fresh dishes are prepared right away. We also loved that Hubertus had an own Grander water bar. Thus, drinking water is available everywhere, carafes are in the rooms and also carrying bottles are available.


The rooms of Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa offer a wide range of comfort and amenities. Thereby, the rooms have melodic names such as “Heaven Suite”, “Aerie”, “Peak Fortune”, “Mountain Passion” or “Bird’s Nest” & “Chamois Nest”.

All of them include: much love to detail and a bright and clear interior design that do not make comfiness missed through all the warm wood. The rooms differ in size and features, of course and offer sizes from 13 – 64 qm and therefore enough variations for solo-travellers or large families. Many of the rooms have a fantastic view and/or a terrace or a balcony. A few rooms have special highlights, such as a free-standing bathtub or a light-flooded gallery.


For the guests, there are countless arrangements that can be pre-booked. Whether for romanticists, who just want to sit back and enjoy the peace, up to hikes with guided mountain tours, sightseeing of local attractions, visits to events like the Bregenz Festspiele or events like the “Viehscheid”, where the cows leave the high Alps in the fall, together with a festival and brass music; for all, whether young or old, there is something for everyone and Balderschwang is fun in the summer, but also in-between the seasons a great destination.


Of course, it is not possible to take part in all activities with a child in the belly, but we came here for relaxation anyways. Therefore “he” enjoys the cozy parlor and the bar, leans back, reads a lot and lets his mind wander (or is thrilled watching soccer in the mini hotel movie theatre that is designed with comfortable seating corners), while “she” enjoys a spa and massage treatment that has been designed especially for mothers.

A full-body peeling, an extended massage, a honey cream poultice and face treatments, as well as pedicure and manicure can be part of it.


The use of the 2000qm large Alpin Health & Spa area includes several saunas (there is actually also a wood-fired mountain sauna), indoor and outdoor pool and a fitness room and are all part of the further included offers that we loved to use. Also, talks and courses all about yoga, pilates and diet and much more are offered.

Our vacation feeling is complete with quiet and easy walks, for example on the nature walk nearby, which we almost had all to ourselves, so that we could await the daily culinary highlights with excitement.


Culinary Highlights

For lunch, Hubertus offers a lunch buffet, where you can strengthen yourself with many delicious things after the activities in the morning. In the afternoon, a cake bar with homemade options is also included.

In the evening, Hubertus’ kitchen shines in all its glory. Alternating, there are 4-course gourmet menus, an Allgau buffet.

While breakfast and lunch are already very good, the dinner enthused us endlessly!


In case of a whole menu, one decides from a combination of seasonal dishes or regional classics. Your choices can be filled out already during breakfast on a designed card, so that the kitchen personell can plan better and long waiting times are not an issue.

The kitchen stands in the light of the slow food movement and therefore for an authentic character that reflects Hubertus in its essence, as well as in local produced ingredients.


For vegetarians and vegans, there are also changing dishes to choose from and the kitchen team will take note of intolerances or allergies.

Who cannot get enough, can check out “Traubels Speiss”. Twice a week, the hosts Karl and Marc Traubel entertain in their own hidden and very rustic pantry with a selection of cheese, bacon, wines and premium schnapps. For every detail (and of course to the history of the house), there are many fascinating and great things to find out about and of course many of the chosen dishes can be bought there and taken home.


See you soon

The ambiance of the rooms is as diverse as the food, by the way. From rooms with clear, but expressive design, as well as the very tasteful decor, up until the rustic pantry, there is everything here. Even an extra small room for a comfortable fondue for four people can be booked. And of course, in the summer, a spot on the marvelous sun terrace with a view onto Balderschwang and the surrounding nature, accompanied by local live music is offered.

It is difficult, to leave this oasis after a few quiet days. Everything seems so far away. Time and daily life do not play a role here anymore. You can concentrate on being yourself and can enjoy every little detail alone, or with a partner. And all this in an ambiance that is shaped by hospitality, accommodation and a high awareness for nature, people and the environment.

Whether for a short-trip or a longer stay: here is the place to recharge your batteries.

We will be happy to come again.


Thank you to Dani and Michael from Flowers On My Plate for your babymoon diary – we wish you all the best for your lives as a family!