The new luxury when traveling

I recently had a discussion about the question: what is a luxury vacation? Maybe, in the first second, pictures of golden taps, marble statues and caviar combined with hummer run through your head. But when you think about it one second longer, there is another approach that could be considered in this context.

The term luxury is based on the latin expression for luxation, relating to a “deviation from normal”. So what exactly is “normal” today? I think, many would agree if I said: we live in a very hectic time. Permanently and everywhere available, social pressure in many areas of life, constantly rushed and on the move – it is exhausting! There is barely any time to breathe. Especially since we are constantly living with a guilty conscience, when we are at work, we can’t be with the family, if we leave work, our thoughts are with the unfinished business. Maybe you have had the same feelings…

From this point of view – isn’t the true luxury when going on vacation rather to reflect and think of yourself? Sustainable regeneration and a relaxing time out – without a bad conscience? The Green Pearls® hotels show, it does not need golden taps to experience luxury.


Water Villa KLEIN

Sustainable comfort at Coco Bodhu Hithi

An inspiring example for the luxurious focus on sustainability and self-regeneration is the Coco Bodu Hithi on the Maldives. My mouth falls open just by looking at the picture. In the luxurious villas leave no desires unfulfilled – a sustainable stay, without compromises! Sitting on a sun lounger, looking at the crystal clear water, with the good conscience of knowing that by choosing Coco Bodu Hithi resort you supported the protection of the fragile environment as well as local social projects – thats what I call real luxury!



Switch off and relax at Hofgut Hafnerleiten

In everyday life our eyes and attention are often attached to the screens of our mobile phones – checking emails, posting on Facebook there, just one short call. To be honest, sometimes we are not really present. For those who feel addressed here, luxury could also mean to experience the other extreme. At Hofgut Hafnerleiten, guests enjoy real relaxation detached from wifi and without mobile reception. Suddenly, you will fully realize the beauty of your surrounding nature and enjoy new acquaintances and interesting conversations at the collective dinner. Here, if not before, you will appreciate this special way of luxury.




Luxury can also mean – to reflect on your inner self and treat yourself attentively. To find your inner balance and peace. To self-dependently do something good for yourself. This is the approach at the selfness hotel SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA in midst of the beautiful nature of the Black Forest. Prevention, exercise, motion and nutrition are the bases of a sustainable selfness experience, that promises a holistic healthy time out and pure relaxation.


Chole-97 Web Baum

Native authenticity at Chole Mjini

Back to nature! Basically, the real luxury can be seen in minimalism and simplicity of things – collect authentic experiences in other cultures, far away from the everyday stress. Chole Mjini at Mafia Island provides local and natural authenticity at its best. There is spectacular nature to marvel at and unique experience to make. Who really thinks about golden taps now when the sustainable adventure calls?

Tongsai Pool Villa room 511 ppt

Without bad conscience at The Tongsai Bay

No tree was cut when building The Tongsai Bay in Thailand. Instead, the trees just go naturally through the rooms and terraces of the impressive hotel. It is something you don’t see everyday! With a stay at the eco-friendly Tongsai Bay, one automatically supports the sustainable development at the region and contribute to conscious tourism. To relax at one of the most beautiful spots on earth, being assured to have a positive impact on environment and community, is a truly luxurious experience.