Travel consciously without sacrifice? It is possible!

A thing that we get asked often is: travel consciously, what does that mean? Does it actually involve renunciation, or couldn’t it rather be understood as an added value by providing new experiences?
The protection of the environment, the support of the local economy and community, intercultural encounters – all aspects are part of sustainable, responsible tourism that affects all of us, as well as future generations.

The approach at Green Pearls® is conscious travel with fun, and to thereby take home new exciting experiences. The guest travels and enjoys, and the Green Pearls® members take care of environmental protection, social compatibility, the conservation of culture and tradition. At best, the traveller is taken away and takes part in local projects, but even if not – by choosing an environmental-friendly destination and hotel, the guest supports sustainable tourism.

For sustainable tourism there are as many approaches as there are hotels, proven by the following examples:

Have you heard of Tri Hita Kararna? – Sol Beach House clears up

Traveling to Bali and deciding for the certified sustainable Sol Beach House at the paradisiac Nusa Dua is the first step towards sustainable tourism. The Sol Beach House was built in accordance with the traditional Balinese architecture and is furthermore Tri Hita Karana Platinum certified. Tri Hita Karana is a traditional philosophy, which supports the life on the island Bali, as well as the harmony of the people among each other through the collaboration with the local communities. Guests immerse in a world of ancient traditions and benefit from new experiences.

Relais del Maro

Relais del Maro – What is an Albergo Diffuso?

Only a few kilometers away from the Ligurian beaches and the city Imperia lies the beautiful Relais del Maro in the village of Borgomaro, where the time seems to stand still. The host family Scalambrin is situated here for many generations and decided a few years ago to renovate the family owned houses in the village and convert them into a small eco hotel. The result was one main building and two houses at the city center, where guests live door to door with the local residents.
Elena and her “Mamma” have lots of stories to tell and look after their guests in a loving and personal manner, true to their principle of hospitality: “There will never be a lack of smiles, attentiveness and a good warm meal.” At Relais del Maro, the guests enjoys unagitated luxury, peace, relaxation and the possibility to discover the authentic Liguria.

Belum Rainforest Resort overview

Belum Rainforest Resort – On the trails of endangered species

Surrounded by the huge Belum-Temengor Rainforest on the island Pulau Banding, half way between Malaysia’s East and West Coast lies the Belum Rainforest Resort – a tropical paradise in a for centuries untouched nature. 130 millions of years old and 300.000 hectares big is the rainforest that encloses the resort. It is home to 3000 types of flowers as well as fourteen of the most endangered mammals worldwide, among which are the Malaysian tiger, the Malaysian sunbeam, or the Sumatra rhinoceros. In this beautiful setting, Belum Rainforest Resort is the perfect eco luxury resort for nature lovers, peace seekers and animal observers.

Amaya Lake

Traditional Sri Lanka experiences at Amaya Lake

In Dambulle, heart of Sri Lanka’s famous Cultural Triangle, lies the Amaya Lake at the waterfront of the enchanting Kanadalama lake. Amaya Lake is committed to the conservation of traditions and historic treasures, thus guests experience a lifestyle that is characterized by tradition and natural beauty. Impressive ruins tell about the mystical past of the old kingdoms. A traditional Ayurvedic Spa at Amaya Lake enables relaxation and finding an inner tranquility.