Andean Bears and the Future of Sustainability in Peru

Bears are majestic and impressive – and in some countries, there is even only one species of them. In South America, there is actually only one single bear species, the Andean bears, which are at home there. Their home is Peru and unfortunately, as many other animals, are endangered.

Because of this, Inkaterra has devoted themselves to offering a new place for the Andean Bears and support them as much as possible. At Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, there is an own rescue center for the bears, where research and development of the bears are watched. When possible, reproduction and the return into their natural habitat is also thematized and executed.

Specialists offer the individual animals a very special care and medical control, watch their diet, development and behavior. Thereby, the Andean Bears receive the same food as they would catch themselves in the wild. Altogether, 5 Andean Bears call the rescue center their (temporary) home.

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Sustainability in Peru

The Andean Bear project is one of the oldest projects by Inkaterra that exists since their founding in the 1970s and they support since. Thus, at Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel altogether 214 bird species, 111 butterfly species and 372 orchid kinds are at home.

A focus of the sustainable projects at Inkaterra is also the future of sustainability in Peru. Thereby, Peruvian students are supported in different ways through Inkaterra. They can actively support projects, receive additional education through the hotel and learn new things as well.

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Workshops for school children, in which knowledge and fun is combined in different topics, courses where existing knowledge is passed on to young experts, with the goal to educate them in environmental fields and agriculture is a large part of Inkaterra’s sustainability philosophy. This way, following generations also receive a consciousness for the environment and carry these on. Regularly organized speeches on environmental protection and conservation of biodiversity, brings attention to the current situation and thus receives more attention for the sustainable work that is needed.

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What you can do

You as a visitor can also do something! Design your next vacation in Peru as a voluntary helper and support not only a project, but also receive a unique insight into the Peruvian culture and its surroundings. Simply by choosing an Inkaterra hotel, you already support the great projects that all support the future of sustainability in Peru.