Why Slow Travel Enriches

When we travel, we would like to see as much as possible. But sometimes, we want too much and maybe do not remember, what we saw or are so overwhelmed with all the new impressions that it is more stress than vacation.

Slow travel is as important as a conscious lifestyle. If we watch out that our lives are more relaxed and conscious at home, why do we not do this on vacation?

Here are our personal 5 reasons, why we should all travel slow!

1.) Get to know the place properly

Europe in 14 days – what do you actually see? You can say, in which places you were and that you saw that important monument – but the country? You really do not know it. You do not get to know the country in 24 hours, but rather when you spend some time there and mingle among locals. Watch your surroundings and eat at that restaurant, where locals head to. Buy at the local market and become part of the place!

2.) More relaxation

Those who have less on the travel agenda, have more time for the individual things. So you can take you time and if necessary, spontaneously change them. If you like that garden, then simply stay there for a few more hours – you will be in the same place the next day and can do other things then. You do not have any time pressure and can really just enjoy your travels.


3.) Less masses, less touristy

There is nothing worse than the “typical tourist” – one that does not take time for anything and rushes to the sights and even if he has to stand on line for 2 hours. When you practice slow travel, then you have the freedom to decide against long lines and head back (if ever!) at a different time. You do not have to rely on high season, but discover everything in your speed.


4.) Different experiences

Slow travel also means that you get to know the surroundings much more intense. Instead of running from sight to sight, you have talks with locals and get to know them and not only meet the ticket sellers or booked tour guides. More time also means that you experience the individual things much more intense and authentic!

Beach - Sunset Hammock

5.) Broaden your horizon

If you consider these first four tips, then you will look back onto a conscious trip while traveling back home. Because all these things do not only give you memorable experiences and moments, but also broaden your cultural horizon. We believe: travel educates, but only if we travel consciously and slow!