Autumn is here! We’re ready for the Indian Summer

Children, like my own daughter, seem to be obsessed with the many colourful trees and other than that, also a lot of figurines made out of chestnuts are currently overcrowding our apartment. For me personally, it is way too dark and cold to get up that early in the morning. Even though, the dark and chilly season is absolutely no reason to be in a bad mood. Since there are a variety of beautiful, indulging and of course sustainable autumn tips directly in front of our door.

Pure relaxation in the romantic Moselle valley

©Vital- und Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten

The Vital- und Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten is located near the romantic river Moselle in Bernkastel-Kues in Germany. Especially in the cooler season, the hotel with its 70 rooms, offers a great number of relaxing wellness-, beauty-, and health arrangements. The hotel managed to make a name for itself with sustainable wellness arrangements. Every treatment (of many that is) is focused on traditional Chinese medicine in combination with European elements. Additionally, the 1500 sqm pool house guarantees blissful moments and deep relaxation.

Green weekend trip to Freiburg

©Green City Hotel Vauban

Freiburg in the Breisgau belongs to the warmest and sunniest spots in Germany. Even in autumn and winter, you can stroll through the old town and discover the many little stores, cute cafés or have a bite in one of the restaurants. If you care to experience a breathtaking view over the city, I can recommend climbing the stairs of the Freiburg Münster. It’s a big cathedral, and every step will be worth it when you get to the top. I promise! Without any doubt, my tip for an overnight stay is the Green City Hotel Vauban. Due to its facade made of wood panels and the vertical garden,  the hotel will catch your eye right away. Furthermore the hotel is an integrative business which means disabled and non disabled employees are working hand in hand.

Breathe in alpine air in a picturesque scenery

©Best Western Berghotel Rehlegg

The Best Western Hotel Rehlegg is a house full of tradition. For example, in the late 30s the hotel used to be the location for many traditional German movies. You can almost still picture it today, since the Rehlegg is located uniquely amidst the Berchtesgaden national park. Hiking as well as mountain climbing is possible all year round just in front of your door and if bad weather should happen to make an outside adventure  impossible, you can retreat to the spa, where a lot of treatments with regional herbs are waiting. In 1998 the Rehlegg was awarded „national park friendly hotel“. And you can feel this in every aspect: sustainability, tradition and  hospitality have been practiced for a long time and were passed on from generation to generation.

A new take on health

©Schwarzwald Panorama

If you happen to be familiar with old German TV movies, you have probably come across the „Schwarzwaldklinik“. And truth is, the spa town, the black forest and the „Gesundheitsberg“ are easy to associate with this series. Although the hotel SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA does not have anything to do with the series. It is located directly in the spa town Bad Herrenalb. Here you can find everything that is needed for a stay bringing you closer to both yourself and nature. The so called Selfness center gives you the opportunity to participate in alkaline fasting, yoga classes or TCM therapies where you can learn the mindful handling of yourself and your health. Another highlight: if you wish, you can sleep and live climate neutral in the SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA. The hotel’s own restaurant „La vie“ is ready to spoil you with traditional cuisine from the black forest.

Tourism and ecology go hand in hand

©Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee

For me, the Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee is a total must when going on a short trip to Schwerin. Here, service and individuality are emphasized in a natural way. Moreover, the hotel has been involved in the topic of sustainability in many ways for a long time. It even has been appointed first climate neutral hotel in the county of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania in 2010. Besides the beautiful lakes all around the city of Schwerin, the former residence city has a lot to offer, too. A scenic old town, the magical castle with its gardens and its unique location right by the lake… Numerous things are here to discover even in autumn and winter.