Is sustainable travel possible in cities? Of course!

Presumably cities are not the first places that come to your mind when thinking of traveling green. Big cities are known for their high air pollution and their growing social inequality. It’s obvious that cities have to face many challenges for which solutions have to be found. There are already a few possibilities for green travel in cities.

©Das Capri

Das Capri

Vienna it known for being one of the most populous cities of the world and is trying to be environmentally friendly. For example you can drink high spring water out of the water taps. Also Vienna offers a variety of public green areas to its residents and visitors. Besides many worth seeing parks, there are also urban green areas in the middle of the city. You also don’t have to miss out on a green stay. We recommend Das Capri, which is located close to the Vienna Prater. The hotel heats and cools with air and electricity instead of water. At pleasant climate you can enjoy one of the highlights of the hotel: the breakfast! It includes fresh regional products; some of them are also organic. Another highlight is the hotel itself. Every room is individually furnished to a specific topic out of Vienna’s history.

©Starhotel E.c.ho Milano

Starhotel E.c.ho Milano

Also in Austrias neighboring country Italy it is possible to travel green in the cities. Who plans on visiting the fashion city Milan should take a closer look at the Starhotel E.c.ho Milano. Here you have a green oasis right in the city. In the brightly furnished rooms you will sleep well on the ecological mattresses. The beds are partly made out of FSC certified wood. Even the floors as well as the furniture are sustainable. If you want to sweeten your morning, the hotel offers self-made chocolate croissants by Luca Montersino – mmmh!

©Hotel Milano Scala

Milano Scala

It’s hard to believe, but there is even another sustainable hotel in Milan. The Milano Scala is the first zero emission hotel in Milan. Therefor water heat pumps are used for heating and for the air condition. Worth experiencing is the green cookery with fresh herbs out of the hotel’s own herb garden. What’s special about it: The garden is on the roof from where you have a wonderful view over the city.

©Hôtel Le Pavillon

Hôtel Le Pavillon

You want to travel to the city of love and romance? We’re not letting you down and found a great and most importantly a sustainable place to stay. The Hôtel Le Pavillon is an absolute insider tip and not far away from the famous Champs- Elysee. The hotel has made a few sustainable actions. Not only water out of the water taps have spring water quality; also all windows have a high-frequency radiation protection. Here it’s possible to live healthy and happy.

©Inkaterra La Casona

Inkaterra La Casona

A real recommendation is the hotel Inkaterra La Casona in Peru. Inkaterra is known for being the world leader in terms of sustainable development and has been declared Carbon Neutral. Through their support of many scientific researches 24 different floral and faunal species were discovered. But these are not the only reasons why it’s worth staying there. Located right in the middle of the city, surrounded by the beautiful Andean landscapes, you can have a cozy sleep in high-quality bedding made out of cotton and down comforters.

You notice that you can combine city trips very well with green traveling.