Porpoises, vegan “pampering moments” and a lot of sand

Be honest, did you know our domestic seas, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea are home to small whales? So-called porpoises. The sea mammals are approximately 1.60 meters and at first sight remind of dolphins. In August we organized a trip with six bloggers to watch porpoises. Together with WDC (Whale & Dolphin Conservation), Kim Hartwig of the tourism cluster Schleswig-Holstein and Marion Muller of the lifestyle hotel SAND we spend half a day looking for porpoises and were lucky, we spotted a mother with calf. Porpoises are extremely shy and hence one must be really concentrated to see the short flashing of the dorsal fin in the waves.


Endangered habitats

According to estimates only about 450 animals still live in the Baltic Sea, because the small whales are threatened with extinction. Bycatch with gillnets, the chemical soiling of the Baltic Sea, underwater noise and climate change leads to the fact that the natural living space of the porpoises becomes more and more destroyed.

Engagement for the environment

After a long and informative day on the Baltic Sea we spend the evening at the wonderful lifestyle hotel SAND. For many years the owners Marion and Lambertus Muller are involved in the protection of the environment at the Baltic Sea.


SAND as far as the eye can see

The Mullers transformed the traditional Timmendorfer Hof to a stylish and sustainable place with a lot of atmosphere. The abbreviation SAND stands for “Sand Aspires Natural Design” and connects modern lifestyle with a focus on naturalness and sustainability. The natural material SAND runs like a red thread through the hotel. And so you want to sit on the terrace with your deck chair directly in the sand and never leave. All rooms are designed in maritime colors, with suitable, maritime accessories from the beach and flotsam. The focus is regional wherever you are and lets you feel at home in your precious vacation.


Deliciously vegan

The restaurant spoilt us with a vegan menu – simply delicious! The SAND not only offers an excellent kitchen, but still a lot more for active vacationers, beach lovers or a relaxed time out.