Green Fashion Week?

The fashion industry is not necessarily known for its sustainable and fair approaches. Conversely: most of the fashion houses are rather known for „fast fashion“. The newest trend is brought from the catwalk to the store and the consumer in almost no time – at the expense of quality, sustainability and working conditions. Due to the lowest prices and constantly new trends clothes have become a throwaway product. Only slowly a rethinking process started and mass labels are soothing their conscience by  setting up conscious-brands. However, there are more and more sustainable manufacturers convincing with thorough, sustainable production and beautiful designs.

The Green or Ethical Fashion Weeks in Berlin, New York or Australia have already placed their focus on the topic. On the 20th September 2017 the Fashion Week in Milan started – this year with a special event concentrating on sustainability: the Green Carpet Fashion Awards.

Fashion made in Italy

However there are already some sustainable Fashion Awards, the founders of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards focus on a more holistic approach. The award is made for designers engaging for a complete sustainable production „Made in Italy“. Equally important are sustainable innovations and the ecological footprint. The alternative program is based on three aspects: the Green Carpet Fashion Awards being presented on the 24th September, the CNMI Green Carpet Talent Competition where designers are asked to design according the sustainability principles of Eco-Age and the Green Carpet Challenge where all participating fashion houses present a sustainable outfit complying with the GCC® Principles of Sustainable Excellence and the „Made in Italy“ production chain.

Green Oasis in the city

©Milano Scala

To make your visit of the Milan Fashion Week an integrated sustainable stay in Milan, the carbon free Hotel Milano Scala located directly n the centre is the perfect choice. When the hustle and bustle of the city becomes just too much, you can seclude yourself on the sky terrace with its relaxing herbal garden and the new sky bar – a green oasis in the middle of town.

A heaven for tired models

Starhotel Echo,Milan

The stlylish Starhotels E.c.ho Milano is located directly opposite the main station. For the hunger in between and after the shows the Orto Green Food & Mood Restaurants from Eataly offers fresh, bio-organic dishes, that will not feed your love handles. Only seasonal and local ingredients  from Milan and neighbouring areas are used. Exhausted models will sleep like a princess on the ecologic mattresses of the Starbeds.

Cradle to Cradle

The circular economy approach is one of the most important trends in fashion when it comes to sustainability, just as in many other areas like architecture. It’s about using resources in a way that they can be reused again and again. Therefore possible reuse purposes have to be considered already during the design processes – that’s what cradle to cradle means. Two circles are possible: either the used material is biodegradable or the different materials can be completely divided and then be reused.