Chemical free and sustainable: anti-aging in a different way

Today’s beauty ideal doesn’t allow for wrinkles. Countless numbers of lotions and jars promise smooth skin and surgical interventions are becoming more popular every year. We care more about nutrition and exercise more than previous generations while the stress of everyday life is increasing constantly. But even though one could argue about whether fighting the aging process is even necessary: we show you three hotels that focus on taking care of your body and mind so your cells can truly regenerate.

Detoxification on Tenerife

©Océano Hotel Health Spa

At the Océano Hotel Health Spa on Tenerife a whole team of physicians and therapists is taking care of your health and well-being. The approach is the detoxification according to F.X. Mayr: intestinal sanitation activates the body’s self-healing-powers. As we know now, healthy intestines also benefit a beautiful and healthy skin texture. Recent research shows that the health of the intestines also influences our emotions – in Ayurvedic tradition this has been known for millennia. Furthermore, at the Océano you will enjoy Thalasso therapies, treatments with algae, mud and brine, Shiatsu, natural cosmetics, osteopathy and much more.

Ayurveda and Yoga in the Lausitzer Seenplatte in Germany

©Wellnesshotel Seeschlößchen

The Wellnesshotel Seeschlößchen with its holistic approach is dedicated to disease prevention as well. After a proper analysis the team offers you a carefully chosen selection of wellness treatments and cures. The nutrition concept is based on Ayurveda, additionally you can practice Hatha Yoga and meditation. In the „Pushti“ Yoga cure Ayurvedic specialist Upula Rathnayaka develops individual yoga exercises based on your body and constitution. To benefit sustainably from the treatments you can take exercises, recipes and treatment ideas back home with you.

Chinese Medicine at the Moselle

©Vital- & Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten

The Vital- & Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten developed an own MaXX TCM-System combining Medical Wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The holistic concept of body, soul and mind concentrates on the guest’s aura which is taken into account during all therapies. The nutrition is based on the 5 elements and is also an important part of the holistic approach at the Zum Kurfürsten.

Natural anti-aging

©Wellnesshotel Seeschlösschen

These three examples show the comprehensive approaches of the Green Pearls® hotels in the field of medical wellness, anti-aging and health. Due to the support by professional therapists and intensive consulting you can benefit from the treatments in the long run – resulting in a better body sensation as well as more mindfulness in every day life. Avoiding stress or reducing the stress sensitivity plays an important role when it comes to anti-aging: stress has a negative impact on the acid-base balance of your body and thereby affects the aging process as well.