Earth Hour: 19 March 2016

The first Earth Hour developed from an environmental campaign by WWF Australia that aimed to reduce the CO2 emissions in Sydney within one year by 5%. With this symbolic shutting off the lights of many public and private buildings, awareness was created for energy consumption or rather the potential of energy saving.

Many countries and cities have connected with this initiative – Germany has been contributing to it since 2007 under the title “Light off! For our climate!”. The lights of the Cologne Cathedral, the Brandenburg Gate and Neuschwanstein Castle were shut off, among others.


In 2015, over 7000 cities and districts from 162 countries participated in the WWF Earth Hour. Find out, if your city is part in 2016 here – on March 19th from 8:30 – 9:30pm.

The Earth Hour is a great idea and sets a wonderful example – but it is of course very important to think of energy savings throughout the whole year. Not only earth, but also your bank account will thank you!

leitlhof-05 Kopie
Leitlhof saves energy 365 days in the year and is carbon neutral.

Tips to save energy

With the following, easy tips, everyone can save energy daily:

– use of energy saving bulbs
– only use electronics with grade A+(++)
– shut off devices like TVs and not only on standby
– pull the plug! Devices that are not used regularly do not need to be plugged in.
– During cooking with pots, always use a cover: it saves energy and time!
– air out properly, meaning: heating off and open the window only shortly for rush airing
– Left the room? Light out!
– economically washing: mostly, 30°C or 40°C are enough to wash clothing and sometimes, clothing just needs to be aired out
– when shopping, bring your own glass bottles and cloth bags, instead of buying plastic packages and bags.

During Earth Hour, you can spend some romantic moments with candlelight and enjoy nature’s natural light. Like here at Reethi Beach Resort.

Time without much energy, but with a good conscience

We also have some great ideas for you how to spend time without light – and not only during Earth Hour:

– romance with the partner or with friends: a dinner in candlelight
– head outside and look at the stars (do not forget to look for constellations!)
– we secretly dream of it all the time: go to bed early and have a good night’s sleep
– Back to nature: flashlight, tent and sleeping bag and go camping
– Wellness for at home: light scented candles and take a bath

You want to support hotels that save energy throughout the whole year and are great examples? Then visit our partner hotels, for example the eco-friendly  Wellnesshotel Leitlhof in South Tyrol, the green Reethi Beach Resort on the Maldives or the first zero-emission hotel in Milan, Hotel Milano Scala.

And how will you be spending the Earth Hour 2016?