Food With A Good Conscience

Today on World Food Day, not only social projects, local communities and farmers are in the focus, but also how each individual can do his part to eat more conscious. Here are our five tips for a conscious and sustainable diet.

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Food that comes from the area normally have a shorter transport route. This really makes a difference in the climate footprint! So why do you not take a closer look, next time you buy products and see, where they are from. Or take a small trip by bike to the next food market or farm and buy directly from the producer next door.

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Those who pay attention to seasons, help the environment twice. Because seasonal fruit and vegetables simply grow outside, without the heated greenhouse. Often, foods from the greenhouse have a longer transport route as well.

There are many seasonal calendars, in which you can check, which fruit and vegetables are fresh in what time! The biggest advantage: the taste during harvest in the field is the most intense!

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Animals have natural behaviors, for example the compulsion to move or to hide – livestock should have these possibilities, too! If the wellbeing of the animal is provided with large fields and natural feed, the owner also has advantages – because the quality of the animal products improve!

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Less Plastic

Have you ever paid attention to how much plastic wrapping is actually present while shopping for food? Next time, just leave the packed apples on the side and always carry a cotton bag.

Even though many plastic packages are recyclable, if you can skip the plastic alltogether, it is even more sustainable!

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We are not saying that you have to pass on something. But: keep everything balanced. Because a well-balanced diet is not only healthy, but also helps the environment.

What do you personally do to eat more consciously?