New Green Projects at Green Pearls®

While Green Pearls® members already offer many sustainable projects and initiate many practices around sustainability – the development never stops.

Just as being green is a process, each member continuously is on the look out for new projects and initiatives they can support. Also, they always think on how to improve already existing initiatives in their hotel.

Here are three of these new additions and improvements that have been done at Green Pearls® members recently that make the world a little bit more green.

A Water Treatment Plant in India

At CGH Earth Spice Village, they have taken a big step forward to avoid plastic water bottles.

Plastic water bottles are the past at CGH Earth’s Spice Village.

The Indian resort now has an own water treatment plant, where rain water and ground water is sourced from the property and is purified with micro filters, reverse osmosis and bio dynamization.

Of course, this treated water is filled into unique CGH Earth Spice Village glass bottles, creating a clean and healthy green experience for the guests.

Discover Lisbon with an E-Bike

Is there a better way than discovering a city by bike? Yes, discovering it by e-bike!

Inspira Ebike tour
Discover Lisbon on an e-bike with Inspira Santa Marta Hotel.

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel in the heart of Lisbon has started to offer e-bike tours! During the tour, guests can experience the historic architecture of this Portuguese city and also get to see the culinary side as well. Because the stops made during the „Petiscos Tour“ are not only great to look at, but also great for indulging, as the tour also focusses on the traditional, culinary highlights of this city.

So skip the bus tour and swing yourself on the e-bike!

No to Plastic on Koh Samui

In Thailand, the use of plastic is also a big concern. Known for their successful campaigns, The Tongsai Bay has now introduced the „Reduce Plastics Campaign“ for their staff members.

Employees of Tongsai Bay call for the reduction of plastic use.

With this campaign, the staff takes the first step towards a greener Koh Samui and pledge not to use plastic, as it poses threats to animals and is difficult to disintegrate. With this new campaign, The Tongsai Bay hopes to raise awareness and encourage people to reduce the use of plastic to conserve the environment.

New staff members were also educated how the quality of food stored in plastic bags is degraded.

These three members are just a small part of Green Pearls® members and how they continuously improve and develop their projects and initiatives around sustainability. What is your favorite initiative?