Green Pioneer From The Start – The Story of Tongsai Bay

“My father first discovered Tongsai Bay in 1986 when I was 12 years old. I joined him on this particular trip. We arrived by sea from Suratthani to survey prospective land to buy. Tongsai Bay was the original name of this bay. My 12 year old mind didn’t really appreciate its beauty at the time. The sand was coarse and the water was dark blue because of its depth. It was my Dad who saw the potential and later said to me: “It was love at first sight”, says Thanakorn Hoontrakul and smiles.

The Sleeping Bed

The father’s name was Khun Akorn Hoontrakul and he strongly believed in sustainable tourism, even when the term was not known, especially in Thailand. Khun Akorn bought the land within a week and it is today one of the most beautiful sites at Koh Samui. He was a strong man, slept three month on a bed directly located at the beach under the stars. Maybe he was also romantic, but the reason was that Khun Akron wanted to be assured, that no tree would be felled and that the construction of the hotel would not destroy the unique nature.

Respect mother nature but also enjoy life

Together with his wife Saisiri, Thanakorn Hoontrakul is now the brain behind the the “new” Tongsai Bay. The couple is really living a green lifestyle wherever they can. Friends say “You are crazy. Go be an NGO. Or Greenpeace. It’s a way of life, to not destroy the environment. It’s a constant thought to make sure habits don’t contribute to waste. If we forget our water bottle, we won’t drink, as we do not drink from plastic. “. The sympathic couple truly believes that everybody has the responsibility to protect our environment and that even little steps can become a massive movement when everybody is practizing it. It is not about the philosophy only,  it is practical and professional green hospitality with also a deep respect towards the people working here. Leading them in developing green handling by training them, giving them a good salary and perspective and do everything with love and fun.

What means sustainable hospitality at Tongsai Bay?

At Tongsai Bay it is all about composting kitchen waste for fertiliser and responsible disposal of kitchen grease followed. The site horticulturist and gardener created a cleaning solution by fermenting lime and oranges that results in an efficient cleaning process by creating micro organisms that eat other micro organisms. There is an organic garden where vegetables and herbs for the kitchen are grown and where guest can treat their skin with Aloe Vera when they get sun burned. There is natural repellent against mosquitos made by the local community as well as tooth paste and glass cleaner, for example made from pineapple: They also motivate travelers neither to visit animal shows nor zoos, instead simply having the experience of experience an elephant sanctuary.

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