How To: Sustainable Short Trips

Just get out for a short time and head into a short getaway! For many, a small time-out over a long weekend is exactly the right thing, in order to take a deep breath and recharge the own batteries a bit. And let’s be honest – we want to have as many short-trips as possible, in order to see as much as we can!

But how can short trips be designed sustainable? Here are 5 tips for sustainable short trips that really anyone can apply!

1. Grab a train

Most destinations around the area are easily reachable by train. Especially on long weekends, there are many fitting (and last-minute!) offers. True to the motto “The journey is the destination!”, a train ride is also very exciting – especially kids will see it as an adventure. Leave your car at home, just like all your daily worries!

A short trip is ideal for discovering the region!

2. The further the distance, the longer the stay

What counts in general in green tourism, definitely goes for sustainable short trips as well: the further the distance, the longer you should stay! A weekend from Berlin to Spain is not as ideal and neither is a “short hop over” from Thailand to Italy. But a weekend within the country like Schwerin or to another region in the area is perfect. The best part? You will discover much more of your own country! Because we are often so fixated on discovering other countries that we sometimes forget to see more of our home!

Choosing a sustainable hotel like the Nature Hotel Waldklause is one big step to design your short trip sustainable.

3. Choose sustainable accommodations

Of course, the choice of accommodation plays a large role, especially for short trips! If you want to travel for a short period of time, then choose a unique hotel with Charme or a cozy vacation rental that is built eco-friendly! This way, money stays in the region, you support local farmers and employees and maybe even can participate in local projects.

Discover the surroundings by bike – this way, you can always stop when and wherever you want!

4. By bike or by foot on site

The thoughts of sustainability do not stop, once you have arrived! Especially in spring and summer, the surroundings can be discovered very eco-friendly by bike or by foot – have a picknick along the way or hike through the surrounding mountains. When you take time to discover things around you, you will find so many great places and especially the authentic relaxation you are looking for!

Brot und Schmalz
Local dishes, like here at Genießerhotel Die Forelle in Kärnten, give you another glimpse of the region. This way, you also support the region additionally!

5. Enjoy local cuisine

Local and seasonal cuisine also belongs to sustainable travel – especially when traveling for a short weekend. Because especially when there is not a lot of time, we should make conscious decisions about our meals. Stroll through the streets and discover nice, local restaurants or simply ask for recommendations from locals – those tips are always the best!

As you can see, it is not actually too difficult to design sustainable short trips! Where are you heading next?