Just cook: the kitchen of Schwarzwald Panorama

“You are what you eat” – an old quote, but it still has something real to it. A healthy diet is good for the physical and mental wellbeing, which we do tend to forget from time to time. But especially concerning a conscious lifestyle, the right ingredients are essential for a happy and healthy life.

As for all our Green Pearls members, at Schwarzwald Panorama eating consciously is a very important component of being a sustainable hotel. The multiple awarded kitchen is the heart of the hotel in Bad Herrenalb, which was recently awarded as the best conference hotel in Germany.

Since April 1st, 2016, a new head chef is center stage: Enrico Ziegler. In the supporting roles: many local and seasonal ingredients, which he then brings onto the plates of the hotel guests – in tasty and unique combinations.

Culinary Art at Schwarzwald Panorama

But how is it behind the scenes? Enrico Ziegler gives a small glimpse into his view on food and explains, why it does not always need to be that complicated.

Mr. Ziegler, how did you get in touch with cooking? 

As a small child, when my mother was preparing dinner, I would always drum on pots with enthusiasm. This was the first sign, I guess. In 7th grade, I did an internship in the gastronomy field – and that was the last push into the kitchen!

Porträt_Enrico Ziegler
From pot hitting to the kitchen of Schwarzwald Panorama: Enrico Ziegler.

What is the most fun, while cooking? 

Dealing with ingredients is always interesting for me every time, there are so many possibilities and ways to prepare specific ingredients. Also, the team spirit in the kitchen is fun, how we all act in concert to create a wonderful menu.

For me, the best thing about cooking is, when the food is brought to the guests. The sparkle in their eyes, when the food arrives at the table and the guests take the first taste – it is really always exciting!


Every ingredient can be something special.

Do you have a favorite ingredient?  

No, because I think that you can make something special out of each ingredient. You just have to know how and a little creativity does not hurt, either!

Would you disclose your personal 3 insider’s tips for a better and more healthy cooking in the own kitchen?

1. Use the simplicity of every ingredient: it does not have to be complicated!
2. Shop fresh and use the ingredients right away, there is nothing better than fresh ingredients, they really make the dish come alive.
3. Cook with your partner or friends – cooking together is just so much more fun!

What is your kitchen credo?

Simple and fast culinary art, without cooking too long. No packed products, rather get to know the treasures of the surroundings and show them some love!

Thank you to Enrico Ziegler for the short interview. If you want to taste his creations yourself, visit him at Restaurant La Vie in the Schwarzwald Panorama