5 Green Stories from Thailand

During my vacations, a small notebook is always with me, my travel diary. In it, I collect my personal impressions and thoughts on the country, the people and my adventures – because they will never be as fresh on my mind, as they are in the moment when they happen. Of course, I did this during my time in Thailand as well, especially because it was my first visit to the fascinating country.

After I have already presented my stops along the way, I now will share 5 green stories from Thailand that I experienced.

1. Green oasis between stress and hectic

Overall in Thailand, I could discover many small, green oasis along the way. Also at places, where I would not have expected them: at the airport in Bangkok, one does not look at runways or walls, but instead onto a nicely designed garden, where one will feel much more calm by just looking at it.

Amari Watergate executive lounge
The Executive Lounge at Amari Watergate Bangkok offers much natural light.

 2. Natural light for everyone

Already at my arrival to Amari Watergate Bangkok I realized the high windows – the entrance doors and windows are really high, the windows of our room went from the floor to the ceiling, as well as those in the executive lounge on the 32nd floor. Of course, it is beautiful to look at – but they were also built like this on purpose, to let in as much natural light as possible.

baby crimson
Zeavola is not only a paradise for the guest, but also for birds.

3. Where birds are at home

When Zeavola was still in the building process, general manager Florian Hallermann realized that there are many birds in the surroundings. Starting then, day by day, he stood in a different part of the resort and watched, which birds were there. This is why guests at Zeavola Resort on Koh Phi Phi find descriptions of many different birds throughout the whole resort.

Keemala water buffalo
At Keemala, water buffalos are the natural answer for lawnmowers.

4. Water buffalos instead of lawnmowers

In order to keep the lawn at Keemala nicely groomed, water buffalos are let onto the lawn regularly. They simply eat the high grass! This way, the water buffalos not only were fed and had their walk of the day, but the grass looks beautiful again, too!

The McGuigan Cottage is a very special cottage at The Tongsai Bay.

5. Sustainable memories

There is a very special meaning behind the name of the McGuigan Cottage at The Tongsai Bay. The McGuigan couple had spent many vacations at the resort. When the man got ill with cancer, he rented this cottage for the last months of his life, in order to say goodbye to his life in peace and tranquility, and spend some last weeks together with his wife. After his death, The Tongsai Bay named the cottage after them – a sustainable memory of a special story.