Milano Scala – a sustainable hotel in the middle of the city

Milan has one of the highest levels of air pollution in Italy. Maybe this is why the founders of the Milano Scala wanted to take on the challenge to create a sustainable zero-emission boutique hotel in the middle of Milan’s Brera design quarter. Given that the hotel used to be a historic 19th century palace, this endeavor was by no means easy. The quest to be an eco role model is taken very seriously, showing guests and visitors that operating a classy hotel in a sustainable way can in fact be done. The mission: Give guests a comfortable home away from home in walking distance of the city’s top sites while educating them about sustainable living. The palace was renovated extensively with the help of the latest technology so that today it produces all its energy sustainably and also saves water.

Fassade HMS

Here some examples of how they do it: the water-to-water heat pump system has made it possible to avoid a central heating plant or bulky air conditioning units. No hydrocarbon (methane, diesel etc.) is thus bought or used in the hotel and no further CO2 is emitted into the air. Windows are equipped with sensors so that when opened they interrupt the running of the heating or cooling systems. Toiletries in the bathrooms are 99 percent biodegradable. Light comes from energy-saving LED illumination systems.

Lobby mit Glasdach klein

The Lobby – formerly the ancient courtyard – offers a multimedia library for guests and is lit by a crystal glass roof.

Hotel Milano Scala

Regional ingredients are used in the hotel’s restaurant La Traviata. Traditional recipes as well as modern cuisine allow guests to discover a wide range and variety of tastes and delicacies.

Roof Garden 3

The roof garden is the true jewel of the hotel: vegetables and herbs are grown here and used in the kitchen and the bar – the shortest way to get healthy and fresh ingredients!

Dachterrasse nacht klein

Sipping a freshly made cocktail while perched on the green roof terrace overlooking the dome and the Lombard Alps in the background is a spectacular way to enjoy an evening.

Hotel Milano Scala

Music is important in the Milano Scala, so much so that every morning during breakfast a live harp concert brings joy and comfort to guests for a great start into the day.

Harfe beim Frühstück klein

The World Expo is taking place in Milan from May 1st to October 31st 2015 under the motto of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. There isn’t a more perfect place to stay than the Milano Scala, a role model in sustainability.