The Tannerhof combines nature and art – and provides a feeling of “coming home”

What a great feeling right in the beginning: I don’t have to choose between superior or deluxe room categories. Here I have the choice between the Hüttenturm, Lufthütte, Tannerhof-Room, Baumallee-Room, Alte-Tann-Room or the Kammerl – wonderful! I know immediately that this is the right place to be. The Tannerhof in Bayrischzell describes itself as “your hideaway in the mountains” – which is definitely true. I find myself amidst meadows, forests and mountains with the Nature Hotel & Health Resort being the natural center of the whole scenery. The Tannerhof is run as family business in the fourth generation.


It’s one of my passions: I always have to experience the sauna first. Nothing is fancy-schmancy and with much fanfare here but everything is quaint, harmonious and beautiful. The next facility I have to discover is the “Badehaus”. The name already means enjoyment and relaxation to me!

Sauna Ruheraum-1

Finally I’m ready to discover every detail, the fine nuances, the personal concept and the objects of art which make this place so special. The owners, Burgi von Mengershausen und Roger Brandes, tell me about the Orangerie which will exhibit an exceptional natural art work in the coming season – an installation that invites the viewer to reflect, to dream away and to meditate. The artist Natascha Heller has created a “stimulated implementation of space and time”, and describes it as “Topography of feeling”. In the three-dimensional space model, each clay figure of the ceiling installation is shaped differently – and they always give the viewer time and space to explore their own experiences and feelings. The artist has created an installation that reflects 100 sensations in 100 days.

Blog Tannerhof

I like this idea and I understand what the owners would like me to do: But unfortunately I can’t stay here for 100 days in a row. Eventhough the Tannerhof certainly has enough to offer: Fasting after the Buchinger method, natural beauty treatments, yoga classes or seminars on slow movements: 100 days even might be not enough. But unfortunately I have to go back to my daily life first. But for sure I’ll return shortly. The next time I’m going to stay in the Lufthütte – I think this is the perfect retreat for me. Burgi explains to me that her ancestor, the physician Christian Menger Hausen who acquired the property in 1904, has created a “sanatorium for physically dietary therapy” and in those days he already has created a concept which was built on the pillars “sustainability, ecology and organic food”. Most likely the term “sustainability” didn’t exist at that time but the idea behind was already born.