Out of the crisis into a sustainable future

Today, we want to call your attention to a social project in Thailand: Since the tsunami of 2004, Andaman Discoveries engages in local sustainable development. This brave example shows how a crisis turn into a positive future.

The catastrophe behind

Most of us will well remember the tsunami on the 26th of December 2004. The extent of this catastrophe was incomprehensible: more than 230,000 fatalities worldwide, around 8,000 just in Thailand and so many more whose livelihood has been destroyed. In the time following the catastrophe, the initiative North Andaman Tsunami Relief was founded to help the villagers with rebuilding and the return back to a ‘normal’ life.

With longterm projects to sustainable success!

Over the years, though more and more villagers asked the initiative for help regarding the development of responsible tourism: Andaman Discoveries was born and offered support, mainly in the tourism development and marketing. Today the focus is rather on education and vocational trainings, on establishing a development network and on diverse micro projects. For the initiative it`s important that all projects are founded by the villagers themselves or at least are strongly tied to them. Especially the field of tourism, for example with offers of snorkeling and jungle tours is perfect for the support by Andaman Discoveries. The support thereby is based on the connection with nature and people: „Our key focus is on the sustainable community development and networking with our communities, local partners. We are working on responsible tourism for local communities with conservation of nature, to generate appropriate level of remuneration for locals,” says Khun Tui, who is developing programs at Andaman Discoveries.

Support Andaman Discoveries…

At the moment Andaman Discoveries supports some bigger projects like the Burmese Learning Center in Kuraburi or the Water Lily Conservation, in which you can also engage as a volunteer, help with English classes or in orphanages. Volunteering is not for you? You can support Andaman Discoveries` daily work in the various projects and areas with donations and of course you can also book the tours for your next Thailand trip on the webpage of Andaman Discoveries: In doing so, you do not only help the natives but also turn your stay there into an authentic experience and get to know the „real“ Thailand!