A culinary weekend trip – number 2: Thai Basil Seed Pudding

Last week, we told you about our Green Pearls® cooking event with journalists and bloggers in Hamburg. For this event, our partner hotels provided us with special recipes from their kitchens, which we would like to share with you. While we invited you to try the authentic cuisine of Liguria with a recipe for Torta Verde in the first part, today we will take you on a culinary trip to Thailand: There, not only an extraordinary hotel concept is waiting for you, but also a very special dessert.

In the kitchen with Lars from culinary school Vlet, Moltip from TAT Frankfurt, Hanna from Green Pearls®, Sonja from delightfulspots.de and Dirk from the-smiling-moon.com

Thai Basil Seed Pudding

 This recipe comes from the Keemala, which is located amidst the forests of Kamala on the peninsula Phuket in Thailand. It is the perfect place, if you are looking for relaxation in accordance with Thailand’s nature and culture. For, its villas blend in harmoniously with the surrounding nature – the design was carefully developed to preserve the existing ecosystem and it was deliberately avoided to create high buildings so that nothing interferes with the scenery. The local culture is reflected in the special concept of this resort. It is based on the story of four fictitious tribes of the island, each embodying different characteristics: simplicity and a connection to the earth, the adventurous lifestyle of nomads, the closeness to the sky and the universe and finally the love for opulence and exclusivity. These characteristics do not only form the basis of the wellness program and the menu, but also of Keemala’s extraordinary architecture. That is why the four types of villas are completely different in terms of their design: some resemble traditional huts, others look more like bird’s nests in the treetops. However, all of them are fascinating jewels – just as this pudding with Thai basil seeds that is decorated with edible flowers.


Ingredients for 2 people

300 ml organic coconut milk

60 g brown sugar

2 g pure vanilla extract

10 g Thai basil seeds

20 g organic honey

60 g ripe mango

edible flowers


1. Cook coconut milk and Thai basil seeds in a medium sized pot on low heat until expanded. Add brown sugar, honey, vanilla extract and continue cooking until dissolved. Take off the stove and leave to cool.

2. Scoop ripe mango into small balls.

3. To serve, scoop pudding into a small bowl and top with mango and edible flowers.

4. Variation: replace Thai basil seeds with chia seeds.