The green local chefs and their stories…

Actual studies say that there are four criterias for travelers to choose their holiday destination: experience and memories they can make, exceptional flora & fauna, value for money and culinary. We will, today, showcase some of the amazing green local chefs in several destinations, because eating local food always brings you closer to the culture and the people of the country  you spend your holiday in.


Lets start with Fabio. Fabio Castiglioni, the chef of the first zero emission hotel in Milan, the Milano Scala, developed the “Green & Glocal” concept. It means to enhance local and regional products by following high international standards. He creates innovative dishes made of selected ingredients and influenced by his Italian culture. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are offered daily and include fresh herbs from the impressive garden on the 6th floor of the hotel.


The garden reminds Fabio of his childhood, when he helped out his father and grandfather at the families garden. Each day, he is searching for new techniques, commodities and materials. Fabio always finds new inspiration in music, humor and his natural curiosity – ambition is the key.


Eak, the Executive chef from Tongsai Bay in Thailand brings a wide range of culinary skills in Western, Thai and Asian fusion. His ambition and passion for food is unique; Eak started as a cook’s assistant and over the last twelve years he has worked his way up through 5 star resorts in Phuket and Krabi.


Since he started working in Tongsai Bay, he created his own asian dishes influenced by western ingredients and styles. Eak lives the dream and he shares his story with numerous guests tasting his delicious creations.


Faiz Idres is a charming and charismatic man by all means. He comes from a large family, which is unusual at the Maldives. Faiz, dreaming of a better education, moved to Male after finishing school on his native island. His family expected him to earn his keep though, so the dream was dashed…at least for awhile. At the age of 16 he anyways got a job in a resort on Farukolhufushi washing plates in the kitchen.


There he quickly became irreplaceable as he could translate in the kitchen due to his knowledge of English. His hard work, his impressive personality and his ambition enabled him to gain international experience in several countries such as Japan or Malaysia. He returned to the Maldives as a chef and now leads a team of 52 employees.


Devinson Louisa, named Dave, is a young 27-year old cook and has started working in Curacao after his education. He has been working for the Morena Resort for four years now and has been quickly appointed as Sous Chef due to his impressive abilities.


Dave wanted to be a cook as long as he could think. Even as a child he loved to cook and was most fond of his mother in the kitchen. Meanwhile, he has a little daughter who, just like her daddy, is enthusiastic about cooking. On his days off, he loves cooking for his whole family or making cookies with his little daughter.


…local chefs are rare, so it is great to get to know the stories of these impressive personalities and to share their success in cooking green. Let us move the sustainable tourism forward together to ensure more locals can have these chances as well.