Wellness for body, soul and conscious



Sauna, Turkish bath, massage, beauty treatments – who does not like it. Even now, when it is becoming cold. But can you agree in terms of a green conscious? We tried to find alternatives and discovered the comeback of traditional treatments and innovative solutions, not only good for health and well-being, even though compatible with environment.

Traveling in Dresden



Dresden, wow, what a cool city. But I am not here for cultural experiences. It is hard work because I have to test the Wellness area of “Einfach schön”. The name is agenda: Cornelia and Frank Schelzel created an oasis of silence and relaxation – feel good with all your senses. The location was constructed with regional, natural materials – untreated knotty oak wood combined with Jurassic limestone. I start with the hot outdoor pool and swim one kilometer in 23 minutes, my personal record. A heated pool sustainable? Yep, thanks to a geothermal energy heat pump, it is heated the whole year and without chemicals but with pure oxygen. Later in the wellness area, I find Kneipp-Feet pools, different healing showers and a Grander drinking fountain. Unfortunately, I am here alone but lovers are welcome to a separat, private Swiss stone pine sauna and can afterwards relax on the day bed with a 360 degrees view to the picturesque garden.

Spa with a view


The Ötztal: home of Tyrol’s highest mountain, biggest glacier region, the highest inhabited church village of Austria and the highest waterfall of the country. I am very warm welcomed at the Naturhotel Waldklause. Not only at the hotel, also at the “Natur Spa”, the focus is on natural, regional treatments. Beside Tyrol herbs Turkish bath, I love the tree sauna with an amazing view through the forest. After that, I am feeling like a little child (maybe this was the last time, walking bare feet on wood or gras), when discovering the barefoot path.

The beauty products are from the brands Comfortzone Alpienne and Rosel Heim Naturkosmetik and do counting on healing by nature. The owner, Irene Auer, has developed her own Naturhotel cosmetics line that contains for example, apple-, berry and chestnut extracts. I use to have try skin and really liked the day cream. Feeling ten years younger now!

Sustainable by Nature


Unfortunately, my next stop is not Curacao but my colleague Stefany visited the Morena Eco Resort last year. She told me this: “it is pure is pure poster wallpaper, colors to scream”. A sun boiler may sound unromantic but fact is, that only one sun hour per day is producing heat for 24 hours. Therefore the Morena Eco Resort provides this devices on each villa. The grey water is hundred per cent used in the garden. It is no wonder that the resort is the only hotel on Curacao that perceived the renowned “Green Key Award” and the “Travellife Award”. The pool with saltelectrolysis system is 95 per cent chlorine free. Stefany loved the hair and beauty products at the wellness centre which are produced in a local Aloe vera farm, needless to say without preserving agent.

Recycling and deep relaxing


Lydia, my other colleague had the pleasure to travel to India. One of my dream destinations but next year I will fulfill it, I swear! She loved the old houses: Most of the mansions at the Coconut Lagoon Resort are over 150 years old and were transplanted here, beam by beam, timber by timber, from the old houses of the county that had fallen to ruin. Here one bethink on lived tradition, curiousness and simple things that relax body and mind: a sunset or a walk through the beautiful butterfly garden. Lydia also took a lesson to learn the traditional dance such as Kathakali. The Ayurvedic Centre also helps to find balance, spirit and health. Lydia also ordered correspondent dishes and got the full Ayurvedic experience!

Thailand, my love…


Remote in the rainforest of Keemala, with a view to the Andanamic Sea, I discovered the Keemala – Beyond Enchanting. The Mala Spa is dedicated to healing. Combined are the elements of water, earth, fire and air as well as the individually created rituals referring to the stories and history of the Keemala clan. Beside anti-agin
g treatments with paraben and animal testing free products, the portfolio includes sound healing, traditional Chinese medicine, Maya massage, aroma-, rain drops- and vibrational therapy.  I also tried Shiatsu (very relaxing) and Maori physics. My resume: Totally different of what I ever experienced…