Time-Off in the Black Forest

When was the last time that you took a proper time-off? If you had to think about it, then it probably is about time for your next one! Now, when half the year is almost over, we start to think of how the first half of the year went for us and what we could do better in the second half.

A small time-off can be wondrous! You can collect new energy and start into the following weeks with a fresh head and new inspiration. But how does a perfect time-off actually look like? To give you some small inspiration, how a time-off can look like, I will tell you about my personal, latest time-off for a small weekend at Schwarzwald Panorama.

These cute rubber duckies welcomed us in our room at Schwarzwald Panorama.

First and foremost: arrive and discover

We chose Schwarzwald Panorama because it was close to home, because I do not want to travel far for a short weekend away. This way, we could leave casually at noon and arrive on time for check-in at 3pm in quiet Bad Herrenalb.

Already at the reception, we knew that we had picked the right place for the following days: extremely friendly staff, who would be there to make us feel good all the time. After a short explanation of all the hotel facilities, we were already brought to our suite. There, we took some time to arrive and discover.

Schwarzwald Panorama Bad Herrenalb
The view from our balcony at im Schwarzwald Panorama.

From our spacious balcony, we looked onto the surrounding Black Forest (onto the Wurstberg “sausage mountain” – yes, it is actually called like that!) and onto the small village Bad Herrenalb. All we heard wer happy birds. No traffic, nothing. The fresh air and this gorgeous view alone was worth the trip, because we already started to wind down immediately.

The main course at Restaurant La Vie at Schwarzwald Panorama.

Simply indulge

Right on the first evening, we got a glimpse into the culinary side of Schwarzwald Panorama. After a delicious aperitif, we received a three course gusto dinner that started out with a well-being beetroot soup. Afterwards, we were able to choose between different main courses: we chose the vegetarian “Maultauschen” and a fish creation. To finish it off, we got a yummy Panna Cotta with ice cream.. We were at Restaurant La Vie for at least 2 hours, which was because it felt so good and enough time was left in between courses to indulge consciously.

Frühstück im Schwarzwald Panorama
Breakfast at Schwarzwald Panorama: a great start into the day!

At the next morning, an amazing breakfast buffet awaited us, with many local and seasonal ingredients. We were thrilled by the large selection of musli – we started out each morning with a healthy Birchermüsli. There is no better way to start your day!

Pool Schwarzwald Panorama
Relaxing at Schwarzwald Panorama is very easy.

Relax and let everything go

We spent lots of time in the wellness area. The thermal water bath had the perfect temperature, to swim a few laps or just drift away. The large windows offer much natural light and an amazing view onto the lush nature. Sauna lovers have a few private saunas and a small whirlpool let us forget everything around us. A small tea station supported this peaceful oasis.

All loungers are directed towards nature – this way, we were able to leave go of our pulsating home city and just relax. Nature simply feels good.

Schwarzwald Panorama is a great place for some time-off.

My time-off conclusion

After three days time-off at Schwarzwald Panorama, we had to say good-bye. We had amazing, relaxing days, on which we could completely relax. Here, we became aware again, how important small time-offs are for us and also, how an environment can support this. We felt immediately comfortable at Schwarzwald Panorama, never had a feeling of stress and just knew that we were in good hands.