In the Middle of Paradise: the Maldives

White beaches, endless vastness, azure-blue water and lots and lots of tranquility. With the Maldives, we connect one thing especially: paradise! But what is actually behind all the dreamy photos of the island group in the Indian Ocean?

To dive into a whole new world: on the Maldives, there are many possibilities. Over 90% of the territory is water! However, the worldwide increase of the sea level is a large threat for the islands, as most of the land areas are just 1 meter above sea level!

Not only because of this, the many sea dwellers and the surrounding are close to the inhabitants of the Maldives heart and are supported with many, unique projects.


turtle coco collection
These wonderful sea turtles are one of the great and important projects of the Coco Collection.
Snorkeling Trip
Sustainable snorkeling  and diving are possible and explained right on site!

Marine life and sea turtles on the Maldives

Coco Collection is the partner of the Oliv Ridley Scott project. The project is aimed towards sea turtles and their natural habitat: Coco Collection supports the active fight of nets left behind and injured turtles can soon be taken care of in a new rescue center.

We pride ourselves as an outstanding example of how environmental sustainability and the retention of the cultural integrity of the Maldivian people can be maintained within a five star resort.

An own marine biologist on site ensures that nature’s protection is secured and consciously incorporates guests. Chiara Fumagalli loves to talk about the beautiful island and organizes educational programs that are always close to practical experiences like snorkeling, diving and fishing tours.

Reethi Beach Resort is also very dedicated to protect the Maldives.
Reethi Beach Resort has achieved that the Baa Atoll is an official UNESCO Biosphere reserve.

Protecting Malediven Dreams: coral growth and a UNESCO biosphere reserve

Reethi Beach Resort  also is dedicated to nature: for over 15 years, topics regarding the environment have always been on the top of any agenda. They have achieved that the Baa Atoll is named a UNESCO biosphere reserve and that fish catching and purchasing policies are implemented in order to reduce fish catching over all.

Since reducing one’s own carbon footprint is no real achievement should this create a negative impact elsewhere, we believe that future changes must take root within our immediate surroundings by inextricably linking environmental commitment to social commitment.

The coral world is monitored regularly, in order to keep an eye on growth and bleaching. As founders of the Baa Atoll project, an informal NGO, all resorts and diving schools in the Baa Atoll are working on a ban on shark trade, the protection of diving places and the support of local communities.

General_39 Kopie
So that scenes like this are preserved, it is important to experience the Maldives consciously.

Sustainable Maldives: a step for the future

Next to the individual initiatives of “green pearls”, there are other providers that aim to save the fragile environment and support local communities. Secret Paradise offers unforgettable experiences during local island tours in eight different atolls on the Maldives. All adventures offer an authentic look into the wonderful world of the Maldives, but in a sustainable way! Travelers experience how they can dive consciously or how they can support local projects like Save the Beach.


An important sign at the beach of Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu: preserve our environment!

Resorts such as Coco Collection and Reethi Beach Resort, as well as companies like Secret Paradise have one thing in common: all want to protect the natural beauty of Maldives! Thereby, all see how important it is to show visitors how to handle the surrounding nature.

You can see, behind the Maldives are not only many beautiful impressions, but also several sustainable aspects that preserve the breathtaking places and make sure that many more dreamy photos of the Maldives will be possible in the future.