Lots of Garden Time

Bright green grass, colorful flowers and lots of space: a garden can help so much to one’s relaxation and well-being. For many, a garden is the place to be close to nature and focus on the important things again.

Thereby, there are very different approaches to design a garden. Our members impress with various garden types, which all are paradisiac and make you feel good in a different way!

Lots of green to relax in at einfach schön!
Here you can enjoy breakfast surrounded by nature.

Garden as far as the eye can reach

The spacious outdoor enclosures at einfach schön in Dresden are the ideal place for much privacy! Here, everyone will find their own favorite spot! The day already begins close to nature, as the breakfast terrace receives its shade with small trees.

A wide lawn invites you to linger, while one can enjoy a view onto the adjacent field from the water feature. Here, you can simply let your mind wander and look off into the broad. Due to its great design and layout, this garden has been awarded with the landscaping prize of Saxony!

At Schloss Wartegg, you will find a historic, fairytale park.
Local plants and flowers can be seen everywhere.

Historic Fairytale Garden

Okay, admittedly, with Schloss Wartegg we are not talking about a garden anymore, but of a huge park. Because exactly here, you can gaze at the largest Swiss hotel park! The green oasis has been here since 1860 and was designed for an empress.

13000 square meters are filled with lime trees, planes and chestnuts and offer lots of great shady spots. In between, you will find bubbling water features, which you can look at for hours and feel fully relaxed afterwards!

DSC_2286 Kopie
Colorful, tropical flowers, as far as the eye can see.
DSC_5974 Kopie
Moreno Eco Resort is embedded into nature.

Tropical Variety

Completely in accordance with the surrounding, guests of Morena Eco Resorts in Curaçao can find a tropical garden. Here, 80% of the natural vegetation was preserved and local plants and flowers can be found throughout the complete property. Colorful blossoms and lush green palm trees will ultimately transfer you into a tropical paradise!

In the garden, you can also listen to several tropical birds singing away. In combination with the preservation of the natural surrounding and the adjoining, wide nature, many of the birds feel right at home.