Gentle Wake-Up Calls

Do you like to wake up early in the morning being full of energy? Or do you rather want to turn around just one more time and snooze? No matter how you start your day, one thing is very important: with the right surroundings, getting up is always a bit easier.

Lets face it: there is nothing worse than waking up to an irritating alarm or a loud street! But there are actually quite a few places, where wake-up calls can be paradisiac. Here, cheerfulness in the morning is guaranteed!

The Bird’s Nest Pool Villa is a dream come true.
All villas at Keemala are inspired by traditional Thai clans.

At Keemala, you can wake-up to leaves rustling in the Bird’s Nest Pool Villas. The altogether eight villas are situated high up in the property and are surrounded by many trees. These dreamy houses are inspired by the Thai Nest-Clan, whose members reached for the stars and always wanted more. They believed that they were superior to others in terms of creativity and intellect. Hidden, private and filled with natural life, you actually do feel like in a large bird’s nest and look down onto the rest of the resort, as well as mountains and sea.

At Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica you can choose between two sleeping places: bed or hammock!
Many birds will sing you your personal good morning song.

Waking up to bird’s twittering – probably everyone of us has experienced this at least once. But have you ever slept in the rainforest, surrounded by 540 bird species? At Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, you experience exactly this nature spectacle. In the loving 35 cabañas, you have the feeling of being right in the middle of nature. Different sounds and twitters of birds are your personal good morning song. The diversity is breathtaking, not for nothing is this region called the biodiversity capital of Peru! Hammocks are also available, so that you experience and enjoy the surrounding nature to its fullest!

At Misool Eco Resort, you are surrounded by relaxing water in your villa.
Water as far as the eyes can see: a hammock over the water is the best thing for a relaxing vacation.

It is scientifically proven that water has a relaxing and soothing feature. Thus, rooms with ocean view are very popular during vacation, as one can maybe catch a light ocean swish. But how about a room directly over water, surrounded by the blue liquid? At Misool Eco Resort, you can make this dream come true. When you open your eyes for the first time in the morning, you will hear a soft lapping of water and immediately have inner peace. Maybe, you just want to close your eyes again and continue your dreams.

To which wake-up call would you like to wake up in the morning? What has been your personal, nicest wake-up call you had so far?