Vienna: Sustainable city trip

Thousands of vacationers visit the Austrian capital every year. Not without reason, the tempting face of Vienna is characterized by its coffee house culture, splendid baroque buildings, fancy fountains and landmarks like the Stephansdom, Hofburg and the hotel Sacher, a must when planning a trip to Vienna. But the town offers much more: it makes green hearts beat faster. Since it is one of the most sustainable metropolises of Europe. Read more about green spots and ideas for your sustainable trip to Vienna.

Green counts

Vienna for sure can be called a forerunner in terms of sustainability. The wonderful city is not only green itself but offers various possibilities for green mobility; either by bike, “city bikes”, E bikes, skates, or Segway. Vienna has a well-developed railway network for bicycles in which you will find loading stations for your E bike. The comfortable alternative is the “eco taxi” with hybrid or gas motor. Actually there are about 370 green taxis and other than expected the costs are the same like other taxis.

You can find regional manufactured soaps and natural cosmetics in Vienna.
Various manufacturers produce natural soaps and natural cosmetics in Vienna. © marrakeshh –

Sustainable shopping tour

Vienna is a paradise for lovers of eco goods! More than twelve shops offer eco conscious fashion (read more about sustainable fashion here: part 1 & part 2). The shops distinguish themselves by offering bio-quality, fair working conditions, recycled or vegan clothes. There are also stores for only sustainable children’s fashions. Our highlight in fashion trend: The young Austrian label Zerum that produces predominantly in Austria and European countries to avoid long transport routes. Of course bio-quality and fairly produced. You will not only find fashion but also sustainable cosmetics and care products in Vienna: There are regional soap manufactures, bio-cosmetics, care products on herbal base and natural hairdressers to discover in Vienna.

You can find organic fruits and vegetables from the Vienna region on organic farmers' markets.
Organic greens and fruits locally produced can be found on organic farmers’ markets in Vienna. © Brad Pict –

Green tips for your palate

To make your trip overall green our tip is a visit in one of the numerous restaurants offering bio-quality (more than twelve bio-restaurants and bio-bistros!) or vegan kitchen (unbelievable 30 restaurants, bistros, and bakers!). We recommend ordering a glass of tap water –spring water taken from the faucet – where elsewhere you will get spring water from the tap? You also find regional and sustainable small souvenirs in Vienna: For you loved one at home the bio farmers market Freyung offers bio-wine or honey of the 200 million Viennese bees. The town itself is, by the way, one of the biggest bio-farmers in the region: More than 860 hectares of land around Vienna are managed by the city with organic farming.

Stay at the sustainable Hotel Das Capri without any remorse.
At Das Capri, every room tells another Viennese G’schichte for you. © Das Capri

Your green accommodation

The Capri our tip for a sustainable accommodation lies in the heart of the town and therefore is the perfect location for your tours through the most beautiful corners. In the nice staircase every floor and room tells another Viennese G’schichte: architecture, culture or celebrities – all facets are covered. In the morning the probably best breakfast of Vienna awaits you: traditional and predominantly biological dishes coming from regional producers. Good for the environment and your conscience: The Capri renounces plastic and provides hygiene article in bio-quality in the rooms.

Wishing you a lot of fun for your next sustainable city trip to Vienna. You find more tips directly on the website of Vienna.


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