Eco-Friendliness in the City

Despite that tomorrow is World City Day, city trips are a popular kind of travel. And it is not hard to see why: fascinating architecture, pulsating streets and there is always something going on.

One might think that eco-friendliness takes a secondary role in such a setting. But our member hotels in the city will prove you wrong.

71 Terrazza notte
The rooftop terrace invites guests of Hotel Milano Scala for a cocktail and a gorgeous view over Milan.

An eco-chic hotel in the middle of Milan

Right in walking distance to many of Milan’s highlights lays Hotel Milano Scala, a boutique hotel, where eco initiatives play the first fiddle. The four-star hotel is the first and only zero emission hotel in whole Milan! During the guest’s stay, no CO2 emissions are released and therefore do not add to air pollution.

Roof Garden 3
An own garden, also on the rooftop, offers green ingredients for the many green menus in the hotel restaurant.

Since a city does not necessarily have room for full gardens, the in-house garden can be found on the rooftop terrace overlooking the city. While guests can enjoy the rooftop bar with a drink, they can experience the herbs and vegetables in one of the many green menus at the hotel’s restaurant.

To top it off, the hotel has an electric company car, for those situations, one cannot go by foot.

Would you have guessed that this hammock is in the middle of the city Erlangen at Creativhotel Luise?

A place for tranquility in Bavaria

Being one of the most eco-friendly city hotels in Germany, the efforts of Creativhotel Luise are frequently rewarded. Most recently, Creativhotel Luise was awarded as a “Klimaschutz Unternehmen” (climate protection company) by German Federal Minister of the Environment Barbara Hendricks. The staff and owner are determined to spread environmental consciousness to future generations.

Creativhotel Luise is in the middle of the city of Erlangen.

Even though the hotel grounds are in the middle of the Bavarian city, almost half of the 3000sqm grounds are green spaces. A large garden offers many nesting sites for birds, hedgehogs and insects, giving the animals the place they need.

Fachada Inspira (27)
Behind these doors at Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, guests may find their best sleep.

A Portuguese Urban Oasis

In the heart of Lisbon, there is a true urban oasis in Inspira Santa Marta Hotel. Once guests enter the hotel doors, they are immediately transported into a state of relaxation and tranquility.

Quarto fogo 02
All rooms are designed according to the Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, to ensure great well-being to their guests.

Why? Because the entire hotel is laid out according to Feng Shui principles. Many guests have had their best night’s sleep of their life here. Which is worth a lot, when thinking that it is in the centre of Portugal’s capital!

In addition to their implementation of their Chinese philosophy, their environmental philosophy is a strong pillar of the hotel’s concept. The hotel runs on 100% renewable energy, waste sorting is done throughout all hotel operations and their projects they support are seemingly endless.