En Route to Your Vacation – Eco-friendly with Electro and 2-PS

Electric cars stand for a sustainable electromobility but how do they work? An electric car is powered by one or more electric motors. The electric energy needed for electromobility is usually gained from an accumulator, a rechargeable battery. By the way, every electrically powered vehicle is considered an e-vehicle, including trams that move with help of overhead lines or induction loops. In Germany e-car owners have the possibility to use a special license plate which gives them certain privileges, such as that they can park for free or use the bus lane in certain municipalities. When it comes to the emission of greenhouse gases the electric cars are unbeatable! And with the new Tesla driving pleasure has reached the world of electromobility.

Sustainable Driving Pleasure through the Mountains


You want to be eco-friendly and take your new e-car on vacation – what now? No problem in most hotels concerned with sustainability. Many have upgraded and installed charging stations for electric cars. In the heart of the phenomenal mountain landscape of East Tyrol lies the family-owned hotel Outside. The eco-friendly hotel offers its guests two Tesla charging stations as well as one general charging station for electric vehicles since December 2016. Most recently the new Tesla Model X joined the hotel’s car fleet and can be tested or rented. The hotel even created special offers around the new Tesla such as the Tesla & Spa, where one day rental of the e-car is coupled with several cosmetic and wellness treatments.

Visit the Beach with a Snazzy Scooter


You can move quickly and agile with an electro-scooter. Due to their electric motors, they are economical, environmentally friendly and can even be driven without a license! In addition, they are quite safe, with great lights and automated brakes when releasing the throttle. Electro-scooter are versatile and especially practical for short distances and excursion. The sustainable Hotel Relais del Maro runs a free-of-charge electro-scooter rental for its guests who like to take them out for a trip to the village Borgomaro or a spontaneous beach trip to the Ligurian Sea or the French Riviera.

Explore the Island with a 2-PS Oats-eating Motor

Juist is car-free. The only permitted motor vehicles are the doctor’s and emergency services’. All passenger and freight transports are done by up to two horsepower, with horses or horse-drawn carriages. Even the trash is collected by a horse-drawn cart – three times a week – rain or shine. A round trip through Juist to the Hammersee or a tour to the Domäne Bill are some of the most popular destinations.

Driving in a brisk canter is only allowed on the beach, otherwise walking speed is the rule on Juist with a quick uphill trot. But not everyone can be coach driver! Not only do you need a license, but you can collect points against that license for traffic violations such as alcohol at the reins or speeding! Even the carriage itself has to go to the inspection regularly. An old custom on Juist states that every run over curb costs a round at the bar.