Far-Eastern Medicine: TCM and Ayurveda

Medicine practices from the Far-East like Ayurveda and TCM have been known for centuries, but have gained more and more attention in the past years. In today’s fast paced world, people seek inner balance and a long-lasting well-being.

In general, TCM and Ayurveda both see a human as a whole system of body and soul. But what does TCM actually cover and what is behind a traditional Ayurveda treatment?

Acupuncture is one part of TCM.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM

According to TCM, the life energy Qi runs through the body, through so-called meridians, a dense network of pathways. If the life energy cannot flow, people will get ill. The goal of TCM is, to loose blockages and bring these streams back into harmony.

Vital- & Wellnesshotel zum Kurfürsten is a great place to start out with TCM.

At Vital- und Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten at the Mosel, TCM plays an important role. There, the MaXX-TCM concept is based on the traditional doctrines, but was further developed and adjusted to the Western lifestyle by in-house TCM specialists.

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At Vital- & Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten, guests can relax even during a short trip.

Classic Chinese practices, such as herb therapies and acupuncture are supported by new learnt exercises from Qi Gong and an individual diet change.

Thereby, guests are encouraged to continue the practice at home. Thus, short trips are already effective, as many recommendations and health tips are given to the guests in a short period of time.

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The Mosel landscape around Zum Kurfürsten is the perfect place for inner balance.

The calming surroundings of the Mosel landscape support the program, as fresh air cleanses the body and freshens the soul.

At CGH Earth, India’s traditional medicine is included: Ayurveda.

Ayurveda: the Science of Healing

Ayurveda is a medicinal science that is over 4000 years old. Until today, Ayurveda plays an important role in India’s medicine, for self-renewal.

Doshas, the life principles, determine, how each person acts and sees certain things. Thereby, each person has a combination of two out of three doshas (wind, fire and water). If these are not balanced, Ayurveda helps to find that right balance again and harmonizes body and soul. In general, 10 days of Ayurveda therapy is recommended, in order to achieve a long-lasting change.

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Finding inner balance: Ayurveda supports the inner self.

At CGH Earth , Ayurveda is integrated into the wellness program. There, Ayurveda is practiced, in order to improve the quality of life through the essence of nature. Each treatment is customized for each guest; a physician will do an unique analysis at the beginning of the stay. Here, guests experience Ayurveda in its natural form.

In the popular Sirodhara treatment, a homemade herb oil is poured over the forehead in rhythmic motions, in order to relax the whole nerve system. The Ellakithirummu massage has its origin from the traditional martial arts of Kerala and effectively loosens all muscle pains of the body through targeted massaging.

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TCM or Ayurveda: it is all about the balance.

Far-Eastern Medicine for Inner Balance

TCM and Ayurveda are both medicines that extend Western methods. Whether life energy Qi or Doshas: the Far-Eastern medicine responds to the balance of body and soul, after which so many seek today.

No matter if you choose a TCM treatment in the Mosel’s nature paradise at Zum Kurfürsten, or decide on CGH Earth in India, the cradle of Ayurveda – your body and soul will be rejuvenated in a very special way.