Green gifts for colorful holidays

It is only one month until Christmas now – and high time to think about gifts. Experience shows that especially at the end of the year time flies. To make your pre-Christmas season more relaxed and a bit greener, we have put together a few sustainable answers to the recurrent question “Which gifts can I make for Christmas?”.

A classic: Give time as a present


You can find this tip on nearly all of the lists of sustainable Christmas presents, which doesn’t make it less worth mentioning. Giving time as a present is especially nice, valuable and above all personal since there are endless possibilities that can be very individual. For example, with a voucher for babysitting you can give young parents a few hours together, while they know that their children are in good hands. Pet owners often have difficulties planning a longer holiday – they will certainly be delighted if you look after their pet. You can also give time together: Whether it is going to the cinema, cooking something delicious or even going on a holiday together – this gift guarantees joyful anticipation and great experiences for the new year.

Donating with a special purpose


With a donation you do not only please the presentee, but make two gifts at once. By supporting numerous local projects, the Morena Eco Resort provides some examples. The organization “Boso Kosecho”, which means “your harvest”, supports children from poor families. “Green Kidz” raises the ecological awareness of pupils with playful workshops. Maybe you will find a similar initiative in your region. You can also help indirectly by presenting someone you like with a holiday together in a sustainable hotel.

Sustainable treats


Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy an individually chosen treat. Chocolate is very popular, but when you buy it, you ought to pay particular attention to the compliance with eco- and fairtrade-standards. It is even more sustainable and personal to choose local products. The Green City Hotel Vauban in Freiburg gives some inspiration. It is not only an inclusive enterprise itself, but it also supports like-minded initiatives by mainly receiving its foodstuff from regional and inclusive producers, such as the coffee roasting house Zollernalb. In its shop you can buy various types of coffee as well as boxes with different coffee sorts: a perfect gift for coffee lovers – including an interesting story.

Bee sponsorships


Apropos treats: If you want to give honey as a present and at the same time do something good for the environment, a bee sponsorship is the perfect solution. By supporting beekeepers you counteract bee mortality and ensure that the presentee can enjoy honey produced by his “own” bees. Christian Petersen from the Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee recommends the Mosterei & Imkerei Ahrensboek. The hotel in Schwerin has been supporting its work for a long time and is planning to settle two bee colonies on the property of the Speicher in cooperation with the beekeper.

Nature for body and mind


You can also surprise your loved ones with ecological beauty-products. A nice example is the natural cosmetic line “Rehlegger Kräuterfee“ by the Berghotel Rehlegg. The “herbal fairy” that is behind it is a certified herbalist who was inspired by the mountain meadow behind the hotel. Her products are used in the hotel’s spa and are also available in the shop of the Berghotel Rehlegg. And if you prefer self-made gifts, we recommend a stay at the Hotel Outside. The Outside does not only have its own wellness care line with TINAPUR, but it also offers workshops where you can learn how to make your own balms and soaps from native herbs.