From Grey to Green – Nature Resort Schindelbruch

Tell me we are all in the same boat: it’s January and everything is grey and cold. In fact I’m cold to the bone as I write this, sat at my desk with an extra layer of clothes and a thick scarf. No hot tea in the world seems to make a difference. My mind drifts off to visions of a warm sauna, a steam room, a place where I can warm up, in a sustainable way of course, that goes without saying.

1001 Schindelbruch im Winter

While perusing the Green Pearls website, as I often do, my dreamy eye caught a picture of one of the relaxation rooms at the Nature Resort Schindelbruch, our green pearl in the heart of Germany.

4012 Schindelbruch Saunadorf 2

The resort’s unique spa has recently been awarded 5-stars by Wellness Stars, a German quality assurance organization specialized in the spa sector. It wasn’t just the outstanding spa facility, the vast choice of relaxing treatments or the unparalleled service that won the seal of approval for Schindelbruch. It was much more than that: a stay at the Nature Resort is a truly sustainable experience, an extraordinary journey into nature skillfully shaped by the resort’s philosophy “from water spring to the tree tops”.

I’ve compiled my top 5 Green Pearls reasons for you that will make you want to go warm up at the Schindelbruch:

  1. Call me cynical, but I appreciate the fact that the spa is only accessible to youngsters 14 years and older. The pool for families with younger children is separate from the spa. Essential really for relaxation purposes and thoughtfully planned out by the hotel management.

4001 Schindelbruch Pool Waldquell

Spa Pool.

web 4007 Schindelbruch SPA Ruheaum Moosbett M

Relaxtion Room Moss-Bed.

  1. The relaxation rooms. They are aptly named Forest-Berth, Treetop-Nest, Moss-Bed and Moon-Clearing because they either have an unbeatable view right into the forest and the tree tops or they are being illuminated by candles that float among flower petals in an indoor pond.
  2. The Rasul. The magic lies in the name. A rasul is a steam bath: you go in caked in mud and come out feeling as soft and fresh as a daisy. The mud starts to resolve in the slowly increasing heat of the room, which is what makes it particularly cleansing and stimulating for the skin. Exactly what my wintery cold body needs.

4020 Schindelbruch Rasul_M

The Rasul.

  1. The Schindelbruch is sustainably warm in winter: the hotel is heated by a wood-fired power plant, also known as a biomass plant which protects the environment by not emitting any CO2. The nature resort is carbon neutral and has been awarded with the EMAS-III certification for above-average environmental management.
  1. Hotel director Susanne Kiefer personally replies to online hotel reviews. When I researched this green pearl on Trip Advisor and Google I noticed her friendly personal replies. That’s impressive in my book. It’s not surprising that German hotel review site Holidaycheck crowned the Schindelbruch with the “Wellness Award 2015”.

See it for yourself here. I’m going to close my eyes for just a moment and transport myself to this comfy looking armchair by the fire and I will warm up in no time…

1017 Schindelbruch Kaminzimmer