How to do New Year's Eve sustainably

As soon as Christmas comes to an end, the next big celebration stands in line: New Years Eve, the event of the year, needs to be organised. On New Year’s Eve, most of us want to have a blast, as loud and pompous as possible. But why not celebrating New Year’s Eve  pompous AND sustainable at the same time?

Make the party work without fire works


Its quite obvious that fireworks are not really environmentally friendly as they cause increased air pollution, since the smoke of the fireworks consists to a great extent of fine dust. In order to completely escape this part of the New Year’s party, there are beautiful resorts where great parties are held, but fireworks are forbidden: at the beautiful city of Milan, for example. Here, the zero emission Hotel Milano Scala is the perfect address for a sustainable New Year’s Eve celebration. Only a few steps away from the world famous Opera House, you can take advantage of the offer “Teatro alla Scala”, which takes you into the world of sound. Not only will your room touch your senses with spectacular pictures, but also the “Musical Breakfast” with a live concert of a harp, cello, piano or a guitar will let you dive into the depths of classical music.

Horoscopes are so 2015!


Instead of toasting with champagne imported from distant regions, why not with wine and sparkling wine from the immediate neighborhood? What would be more appropriate than spending New Year’s Eve in midst a beautiful wine region? In the sustainably focussed Vital- und Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten one can enjoy the delights of the Mosel region at midnight. With the help of the grapes from the local vineyard, you can bring an old Spanish New Year’s Eve tradition to Germany. According to custom, exactly 12 grapes are eaten shortly after midnight – the grapes stand for each month of the new year. Depending on whether it tastes sweet or sour, contains many or few seeds, this is how the corresponding month is supposed to be like. That way, your sense of taste can give you a sense of the future.

Pouring wax instead of lead



All those who are more serious about fortune telling with the help of melting lead over a flame, can also use a more sustainable version. As lead counts as hazardous waste, it has little to do with environmental-friendliness. Instead, wax can be heated on a spoon and then immersed in the cold water just the same way as it is done with lead. The interpretation of the wax-creations is at least as spectacular :-). Thanks to new animal inhabitants in 2017, you may soon have a sustainable look into your future at Creativhotel Luise in Erlangen. The shell construction for 50,000 – 70,000 bees is already standing.


We wish you an unforgettable green New Year‘s Eve party and we are looking forward to inspiring you with new sustainable themes in 2017.