5 Magical Places for Spring Fever

Colorful blossoms, striking green grass and wonderful fresh air: spring is probably my favorite season. But not only because of the new blossoming nature: it feels like that everyone comes out from their winter blues and happily look forward to the new beautiful days.

And even if it could be a little bit warmer in Europe, it should not prevent us from great short trips, right? So I want to introduce you to 5 magical places, where you will most definitely catch some spring fever!

At Hotel Hubertus, you can shut off your phone and relax.

1. Silence in the Allgau

Have you ever traded your cellphone for mountain cheese during a vacation? No? Then it is time for four days „Silence“ in the Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa in Balderschwang. Here, on 1044 meters in the Allgau, a cheerful host team encourages you very consciously to „Silence“: sparkling sun beams and dancing dew drops instead of electro smog and constant availability is the name of the game.

Park des Schweriner Schlosses - public park of the castle
Schwerin ist best discovered by bike!

2. Schwerin experience potpourri by bike and train

A fairytale castle, evening lantern tours with the night guard, the Indian festival of colors and art exhibitions for every taste – the city Schwerin offers a colorful experience potpourri for Pentecost excursionists.

Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee, a landmarked granary that used to provide the whole city with bread, encourages you to abandon your car. If you arrive by train, you receive special conditions for tickets.

From the train you will hop on a bike, because this is the best way to discover all of Schwerin, anyways!

orto 29_05_15_DRITTA (2)
On the roof of Hotel Milano Scala, there is a beautiful little garden.

3. Rooftop garden with a view in Milan

In May, Milan enchants you with its mild temperatures and green parks, such as the idyllic Parco Sempione or the family-friendly green at the Museum of Modern Art.

Hotel Milano Scala is located in the heart of the district Brera, you can reach all popular attractions by foot from here. From the hotel’s own rooftop terrace, your view wanders over the cathedral plaza, as well as over salads, fruit, vegetables and herbs. The cooks of the hotel restaurant „La Traviata“ love to grow a few of their organic ingredients for their healthy dishes themselves.

At Schloss Wartegg, you will have a fairytale stay – guaranteed!

4. Swiss spring awakening at Lake Constance

Right at Lake Constance, there is a hidden fairytale estate: Schloss Wartegg. In the house with almost 500 years of history, you have the opportunity to feel like royalty.

Take a stroll with your loved one in the magical English park between water games and impressive greenery. Or spend a fully relaxed time in the historic “Turquoise Bath”. No matter what you decide to do, here, you experience spring first hand.

Green City Hotel Vauban is perfect for a short trip over Pentecost holidays.

5. Patch boxes in Bambi’s Patch in Freiburg

In the urban community garden „Bambi’s Patch“, on the lawn in front of the city theatre in Freiburg, you can pull up weeds with joy on Pentecost Saturday starting at 11 a.m: the blooming gorgeousness in the patch boxes recycled from old theatre elements, are supposed to ring in summer after the commitment of the helpers. The project arose through the initiative „Transition Town Freiburg“, a merging of green pioneers, who support a more ecological and social sustainable lifestyle and also run a repair café next to the 15 urban gardens.

A fitting accommodation for the night after the exciting garden work is offered by the inclusion hotel Green City Hotel Vauban, which employs ten people with disabilities and focuses on innovative energy saving measures.